Projects & Biz's

Join my online project - Human Rights UK egroup

Please use this egroup to post any events, seminars, conferences, courses and issues relating to human rights and human rights law in the UK and beyond - and please invite everyone to join this egroup so everyone can benefit.

It is open to all - students, academics, ngo's and your average Jo blog!

You can also become a volunteer writer on Human Rights issues and create these pages - which is pretty cool!

To get involved please join using your existing email address - preferably a google mail (only takes a couple of minutes to set up) and follow this link 

Lets make a collective difference in our world - and lets join forces to bring about change - a positive change for all!

***My Biz's***

I'm not just turBo flow - I also run three of my own Biz's and insha'Allah more in the pipelines to come (5 more).

Check out the temp websites for my Biz's.

1. Knowledge Seekers Club             

2. Knowledge Seekers Sisters Circle

3. We Be Inspired