Saturday, 17 April 2010

...turBo is very sick

...hey peeps, hope you are all doing phenomenally well!

Ive been very sick for the last 8 days and still sick - just managed to drag myself on the Internet to check my emails - so I thought let you all know (I haven't updated blog this week!)

So please keep me in your prayers as turBo needs them more than ever...thank you!

See you all soon on the next post :)

Monday, 5 April 2010

Knowledge Seekers Club - making Islam fun to learn! of my many ventures! :D

We're having an Easter Special - and the theme? Prophet Jesus (as)!

Wow subhan'Allah, so much to do - no sleep - little 7 to 11 year olds to look forward to - 6 days of it - fantastic!
I first started doing some Islamic Studies classes for my nieces and nephew at home back in 2001 and this Ramadhan just gone relaunched it with the new name and new game!
I have launched it into the community and since November 2009 have been overwhelmed by people wanting their children to attend - may Allah (swt) guide all their young ones on the straight path - ameen!
The website is under construction and once it goes live i shall let you all know so you can check it out.
Business number two was also launched in November 2009 - but will relaunch it this sha'baan coming (month before Ramadhan Insha'Allah) and business number 3 - in November 2010 and business number 4 in April 2011 - oh of course and all the studies on top of that lol
...well its not your average flow - it is turBo flow! :D
Will keep you all updated on all of it as insha'Allah you will all benefit from them too!!
Keep me in your prayers peeps! But now - its sleep time! :)