Friday, 29 July 2011

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...'Our Guest? Which Guest?'

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Share the Khair

...Peace dearest Readers.

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Beach Party - Again! (:

...That's Gorgeous! (me thinks) What do you think?

Today I had the second best day of my life this year (the first being my birthday).

We went on another beach trip. This time to 'Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Wales'.

The pic above is the first in the series of pics I took as soon as we got off the coach. It's a gate on the left hand side, to the corner, and through it you can see the sea.

Last time when we went to the beach the tide never came in, so this time I was praying hard. I mean, you can't have a beach trip and then not go play/swim in the sea!

The weather was beautiful and warm - not too too hot, but it was okay. The sand was golden brown and gorgeous.

One would think that in the UK just because the weather is not always as bright and glorious that the beaches won't be as beautiful as those in the Mediterranean, however all I can really say is that I fell in love with Whitmore Bay and I didn't want to come back!!!

I climbed the cliff with the kids (nieces and nephew), went to the edge - hey, come on, I'm a dare devil me, I have to do one of my stunts - there's no fun otherwise! (any kids reading this, do not try it!!!) - and took lots of pics.

Whitmore Bay is a small bay - intimate, private yet full of family fun. I do like a long beach - sand stretching from one end to the next - but with the amazing weather, clean golden beach, hours of fun in the sea - it was truly a day to remember!

Anytime I have my low moments I know where I will instantly anchor myself to - back to the golden beach - lying in the sun, soaking it all in and starring at the beautiful sea.

Everyone in the UK, my family and I totally recommend you go visit and spend a family day or even a quiet day to yourself at Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Wales - the people there are wonderful and if the weather is beautiful then you'll have hours and hours of fun.

Anyone of you visiting the UK or planning on visiting - then definitely pop down 'Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Wales' on your 'Visit these places' list.

An amazing day out - lots of fun and lots of sun, sand and sea - perfect - just the way I like it!

This will definitely be my 'I'm so happy' moments and memories forever on planet Earth! (:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Naturally Beautiful - Gardening Part 1

...So, today was scheduled in as 'Gardening Day'.

Okay, okay - I know what you're thinking; 'She schedules in gardening in her diary? Weirdo!'

Well I had to! I mean, seriously - with the grace of the Almighty - my schedule is seriously off the hook! And if I don't schedule it in, it won't happen!

I used to do a lot of gardening when I was younger - I had my own watering can - it was red with a white mouth (the part where the water flows from) and I used to help mama all the time.

We had two gardens - in the first we had a big flower patch and in the other garden (you had to open the gate and cross the path to the next garden - cool haan?) we had the veggies and herbs and strawberries (mmmmm!).

I remember planting my own apple and orange seeds. I had two small brown pots and I popped some soil in them, popped in the seeds, watered them, labeled them and looked after them. I even remember when my brother knocked my pots down whilst playing football (I love football!) - oooo, I wasn't too happy about that! Anyway, the seeds did grow and there was a green shoot shooting out of the soil with some small green leaves - but I think they died....

Anyway, to present day 2011 - it's been a serious while - and I want to get my fingers all green and spend some time amongst the plants and nature - cos, really, I love the great, green outdoors.

However, weather hasn't been too good (not a valid reason (excuse)) and well I have made a plan for my gardening session - I'm going to plant herbs and veggies. Mama has already done some - and she really wants me to take pics and make a photo album for facebook (will do iA!) She loves plants and flowers - I write this in the front room amongst indoor plants! :)

I also need to get two big rectangular box things (i don't know the proper name) and I will pop all my herbs and veggies in there. I will make a short, sweet and quick video and I'll be back in 'Gardening Part 2'! - erm, soon God-willing!

In the meantime - enjoy the above pic from the front garden. The roses are dying now but there's still some plants there.

Being in nature is beautiful and soulfully therapeutic! It brings us closer to our Creator - and well I'm excited about my gardening session and doing some dikhr at the same time - there's something so deeply cool about it!

Do you enjoy gardening? Have you got a story? Do share with us all! (:

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Soulful Therapy

"Every Soul Shall Taste Death!"

...following from my last post - where I blogged about attending a lecture on the 'Believing Soul' - I attended a workshop on shrouding today.

Death is sometimes seems as a 'morbid' subject - I mean once the Angel of Death comes then that's it - its over - so we're living right now - so why talk about death?

Unfortunately many people have this view - and why? Because death means cutting off from what is 'real' and 'being alive' and they are afraid of the unknown - afraid of what will happen next.

It doesn't have to be like this - we don't have to feel like this at all and as Muslims its our duty to learn about death - the reality of it - our purpose in this world and why we are here.

If you're a non-Muslim reading this then I invite you to ponder the reality of death and the reality of creation and our purpose here in this world.

When we learn about this - then there is no fear - there is hope and there is excitement in returning to our Lord and meeting Him.

So, I learnt a lot at the workshop - how the 'body' (I don't like us being called a body when we die - I hope they still call me by my name when I die!) is washed, cleaned, the whole process, the shroud, how many pieces for women and men and how the deceased is wrapped and how the funeral pray is performed.

I was blessed to be amongst the company of knowledgeable women and to have learnt so much and the best part - they made lots of dua - supplications - and I always love being part of that!

I pray that Allah (swt) guides us all on the path of righteousness in this world and our end is a good end with the words, 'There is no god but Allah' on our lips - ameen! (:

Monday, 18 July 2011

Souls of Believers

"O content soul, come back to your Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing. So, enter among My (special) servants, and enter My Paradise."
Surah Fajr Verses 27 - 30

I attended a short lecture at the Masjid (mosque) yesterday (Sunday) - about the 'Souls of Believers' (delivered by UKIM).

The brother went through the description of the believing soul - what will happen at the time of death - how the angels will be around him and take him above to Allah's Throne and how he will be honoured - and the grave will welcome him/her.

Amazing and beautiful description from the Hadith!

He also talked about role models for our youth today - both for girls and boys - how the wrong role models are being followed - because its 'cool'.

***Action Point*** - 'to check whom our role models are, or whom our young ones (kids, siblings, nieces, nephews) are following or imitating and fix up! Like now!'

The lecture was short, sweet and to the point - and although it was based around the Hadith and what happens to a soul at the time of death - I couldn't get the above ayah (verse) out of my head.

Believing souls have nothing to fear and should hope for Allah's mercy - they have everything to look forward to - believing souls - who worship Allah day in day out and never tire - they speak the truth and protect their chastity - they keep a hold on their relations with their kith and kin and volunteer their services wherever possible - believers whom Allah will be well pleased with.

***Reflection Moment*** - Please read the above verse - and for those who can't read the Arabic then I've put the English translation.

Reflect upon it - its truly amazing! (:

Monday, 11 July 2011

My Inspirational Geniuses

...We ALL have someone or a group of some people who have inspired us in our lives or who are our daily inspirations.

It could be just the one person who inspires and uplifts you - your coach, your mentor, your parents, friends, siblings, colleagues - or even prominent politicians, historical and even religious figures (and for Muslims, Prophet Muhammad is just awe inspiring in every way - as well as all his companions and followers from the advent of Islam).

We can be inspired and in fact should be inspired by all walks of life and all people - who have made a difference in the world - for the better - for peace and happiness.

***Who's YOUR daily inspiration?***

My daily inspirational dose comes from my nieces (Yes, I love my nephews too - too much!). My nieces are 'Geniuses' and they never fail to inspire, motivate and encourage me!

As part of my 'We Be Inspired' venture (, I inspire and motivate people to live their bestest life - to help them find their 'Unique Purpose' in life. I am a 'Spiritual and Creative Mentor'.

Now with that revelation and disclaimer (y'all knew that right?) you would assume that I'm on a turBo flow on a 24/7 (which, I am!) and never lose sight of inspiration or motivation, right?

Wrong! I'm a human being - and like everyone else I also need my daily motivational soup for the soul.

My nieces are my inspiration and there is so much to learn from them.

If you have kids, nieces, nephews, younger siblings - then please spend some quality time with them - play with them, let them teach you!

Do you remember when you were little? What was that life like? All those dreams? Imagination running wild, games, fun time with friends.

Why do we lose that when we grow up? Who said that we had to be so serious and not dream any more or imagine the best life that we once used to imagine? Who made these rules? How did adults become so boring?!

My nieces (and nephews) all remind me of me! They all have a bit of me somewhere and it's amazing to see them talk, explaining their dreams, their visions - it reminds me how I was when I was little.

They teach me to continue living with passion and always be happy - to always smile and laugh and to always remember that tomorrow is brighter.

I'm so blessed to have such beautiful moments and I try my best to spend time with them all whenever I can. Each enjoys something different. One likes me to push her on the swing and listen to her school stories, the other I'm training football with, yet the other one is a biz woman with ideas all over, another is a bookworm and yet the others are into hair and beauty - and the boys? Ah, well, my boys will always be boys!

I have so much to learn and be grateful for on a daily. I'm blessed with my very own inspirational geniuses.

So go on - go out today and get YOUR inspirational Geniuses - to inspire and motivate you on your journey in life! And whilst your at it, don't forget to sprinkle a bit of your own inspirational and motivational dust on all those whom you meet - you never know whose life you may touch today! (:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Learning, Knowledge, Empowerment, Treasure

I'm working on my thesis for my Masters Degree - LLM International Human Rights - (due in Wednesday 6th July 2011 - duas please) and I thought I would share something short, sweet yet very inspiring and profound (thesis is on education).

Learning really is fun! It's not just restricted to formal schooling, but our whole life is one big learning experience - the good, the bad and the not so good! There's so may 'life lessons' to learn and implement - and then we pass on our knowledge to those around us, young and old - so they don't make the same mistakes as us or again, are inspired - just the way we are.

Knowledge should become our best friend! We should make dua to Allah (swt) that He blesses us with knowledge which firstly benefits us and then we apply it and lastly we pass on our knowledge to everyone else. I mean, what fun is it to learn and gain knowledge when we will never apply it or use it? Its wrong and useless and we miss out on the great opportunities life has in store for us and we miss out on being empowered by learning knowledge and implementing it.

Imagine you're at the beach - a remote beach, far away from 'normal' civilization - like you're on an expedition or something (yes, I'm still thinking about the beach, even though I went couple of weeks ago - and in fact another beach trip is on its way in two weeks!) and you suddenly come across a big box - a shining box - an ancient box and you go up to it and look at it, touch it and are at awe! You try to open it, but realise its locked - it has a big, bulky, lock - but wait - no key?

You frantically start looking around - digging the warm, golden sand with your hands and lo behold you find the key and with that massive grin on your face you rush back to the big, shining, ancient, box. You pop the key in the lock and...*click* - you open it - and then open the heavy lid and inside....WOW!!!...inside you find all the treasures you have always been looking for...all the Knowledge you ever wanted to learn and be empowered by!

How does that feel? :)

This life is a journey - so spend it in the good - learn all the knowledge you will need to implement to be empowered to lock the dormant treasures within you to live the best life YOU were created to live! Allah made you a treasure amongst treasures, a gem amongst gems, a diamond amongst diamonds!

I have a deadline to make - so I'm off! keep me in your duas (prayers) as you're in mine and I leave you with this Chinese Proverb;

***"Learning is a Treasure that will Follow its Owner Everywhere."***

Make sure YOU always keep your treasure close to you! :)

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