Tuesday, 31 August 2010

We Be Inspired...

...through Motivational and Inspirational workshops!

Bringing you short, sweet and simple reminders for the Last 10 nights of Ramadan 2010!

To get your daily email for the next 10 and to be inspired to achieve the best in the last few that we have left then send an email to 'webeinspired@selfaware.com' and in the subject line put 'Where's my daily email dude?' and insha'Allah you shall get your daily mail!

Once you receive your email all you have to do is read, be inspired, implement and click the 'forward' button to all your contacts - and feel the rewards pile up on your scales! :D

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Your Free Invitation - Join Now!!!

You know I love inspiration - and I'm inspired by inspirational people!

Well I'm blessed with many beautiful friends - who are not only my friends til eternity but my sisters.

Two of them have a blog - and I invite you all to visit these blogs, read, comment, enjoy and pass on to others.

The first is by Samia Kara - my Algerian beauty. Her blog is deep and touches your soul. It is spiritual, yet informing and full of passion. Join her journey on http://karasamia.blogspot.com/

The second is by Shereen Shuaib - my Yankee Palestinian princess. Her blog is all about psychology - as this is her chosen field and she is also furthering her studies in this area. Her blog is very informative and educational and delves into this subject deeply. To join her journey and learn all about psychology click on http://theshrinkss.blogspot.com/

Please visit these blogs and enjoy a new day of learning! :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ramadan Mabrook 1431 AH!

Peace to ALL,

Here's turBo wishing you all a very blessed month of Ramadan 1431 AH - may Allah (swt) shower your lives with His infinite mercy and may all your duas be answered - ameen!

Do remember all those who are less fortunate than us as well as all those suffering across the globe - we may fast from dawn to dusk - but many starve for days and days.

It's the month of the Qur'an - so let's pick it up, open it, read it, study the tafsir, contemplate on its message and apply it in our lives - not just in Ramadan, but everyday of our lives.

Let's invite everyone to Islam - show them what Islam is all about and show them how our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived Islam - the religion of peace and the religion of tawheed.

It's been a tough year for me with all my health issues and I feel truly blessed to witness this month again. Do keep me and my family in your prayers.

And don't forget - if you need an emaan boost this Ramadan and want to make it the best yet - then tune into Ramadan TV Sky Digital Channel 843.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Tweet, tweet twooo

...Nope - not an Owl, guess again?

Ramadan TV Sky Digital Channel 843 - Your ONLY Ramadan Channel this Ramadan 2010.

Need an emaan boost this Ramadan? Want to watch halaal and beneficial programes?

RTV - Ramadan TV Sky Digital Channel 843.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

...On a Mission...M3 - RTV Mission!

MERCY MISSION has launched a new and fantastic project - ‘Ramadan TV’ - the UK’s first Ramadan-dedicated channel - launched on 10th July 2010 on Sky Digital Channel 843. It will run up until the end of Ramadan. And shows will go LIVE from the 5th of August - insha'Allah! So, tune in and enjoy a line-up of some fantastic shows and did you guess? Yup turBo is producing a few things here and there for the station lol. I'm already enjoying the buzz of it all - and the creative juices continue to flow! I will be producing the 'National Ramadan Bus Tour' Roadshow (the bus will be stopping at a stop near you - London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow - launching 16th August), do pop by to get your free dawah literature and some dates to break your fast - and hey - why not take along all your non-Muslim friends and colleagues and really get into the Ramadan Spirit! The show will be aired on Ramadan TV - so if you can't make it, then definitely tune into watch all the fun! I'll also be producing a sisters show (but that's top secret, so you'll have to pop over to Sky Digital Channel 843 to see what it's all about!) - and here's turBo saying Ramadan Mabrook 2010! :D