Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A New Arrival...

...turBo is now on BlackBerry!

It's a phone!

...OK, so this piece of information is probably abit useless to you - I mean, really, why do you need to know, or why would you want to know every detail about my life? I think its called anthropology!

Well, I usually come and blog here on a Mondays - why Mondays - well something during the week would've happened that would inspire me to write. But I've sat here for some time now and I can't think - I'm very tired - but I'm still going to blog something - I think I have bloggers block!

So, I thought, let you all know about a new arrival in my life - a BlackBerry! It's fantastic and I'm still getting used to it. If you would like the pin for the messenger then leave a comment on this post.

Well...that's it! I have a BlackBerry. Well I did say this post was somewhat pointless!

I shall return during the week if I'm inspired to share something with you all - in the meantime, don't be afraid to browse the blog - there's plenty of posts to keep you entertained and inspired til dawn!

Better still, let me know how your week has been - and hey, inspire me with something! :)

(ps - just count how many times I've used the word 'well' in this blog today! lol)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Health is Wealth!

It's a reminder to myself firstly and foremostly (it sounds more real when written or said out aloud) and then to all my readers that 'Health is Wealth' and both work together side by side - for a better life (all areas of ones life).

Yes, I know that you already know that - but we're human beings and we forget and we need constant reminders.

Allah (swt) created us and put us in this world to worship Him and to live our dreams - and spread his deen. To do this we need to be healthy. We need to be healthy so we don't tire easily whilst spreading His (swt) deen and working in His way.

It is true that we will never be like angels - working 24/7 for Allah (swt) and never resting and never tiring. But on the Day of Judgment we will be asked about our health - how we spent our good and healthy days and what we did to spread His (swt) deen.

Fresh vegetables and fruit, lots of water and exercise, frequent breaks and fresh air, short holidays and regular visit to the doctors, and not forgetting sleep - that should do the trick!

I post this as a reminder because I am one of those individuals who suffers from continuous ill health and yet I wish to achieve and accomplish so much before my end days. I know that all ailments and illnesses - even a prick from a thorn - expiates our sins (and I'm grateful for Allah's mercy on that - see I rather get my sins expiated in this world than burn in hell in the hereafter!) but that doesn't mean we ignore our body and our health.

We need to listen to our body and soul - it talks to us and tells us when it is hurting and when it is in pain. When our soul is hurting then we should nourish it with prayers and reciting the Qur'an. And when our body is hurting then we should give it the necessary TLC!

I'm on a new mission to look after myself properly and I hope you will join me on this mission - for surely 'Health is our ultimate Wealth' - not just the paper money but the fact that by having good health we can worship Allah (swt) easily and can achieve all our dreams and ambitions!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Trip To York

Its a medieval town in the north of England and is full of history and beauty.

My friend is hoping to relocate to York - live and work there, so like on Thursday night she asked me if I wanted to come along with her for the weekend and after some persuasion I said OK cool, lets go!

And I have to say I had a fantastic time! Not only did I get to see some rich history, but I walked through those streets, pondered and reflected.

The people were beautiful - so nice and gentle and it was full of tourists from across the globe!

I came back and was out of my recent 'rut' and I'm back on full 150% turBo flow - I have missions to complete!

Sometimes we need these small breaks. Life can become a drag - even when you're doing the most enjoyable things - because even that becomes a routine. We all need to continuously renew our intentions and sincerity - as well as get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just stop and reflect.

The fresh air was good for me - but also helped me get back on track.

Whatever you enjoy doing, don't forget to plan some breaks for yourself - even a weekend away for yourself or with friends. It will help you rejuvenate and energise and you will be back with a much fresher outlook on everything.

Oh one final thing before I step on that gas pedal to flow on full turBo - a brain dump! - to get rid of all the negativity and useless things so I can focus on all the positivity and useful things.

Enjoy your week - and as the motorway (highway) signs in the UK say; 'Tiredness can kill, take a break!' - so do take frequent breaks - I hope to continue with mine!

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Park, Library, Angels...and the Secret Garden!

...Yes, all in a days work...or was it a couple of hours?...

So like you can guess the scenario right?

*Lets my readers guess the scenario - Park, Library, Angels and Secret Garden...*

OK, so I was getting depressed and decided to go for a walk in the park. Walking slowly and taking in the beautiful surroundings - I thought, should I sit and contemplate? I really needed to sit and contemplate - but since I don't do these 'alone' walks I felt weird - I usually take the kids with me. So I walked to the library instead...

There I mused over books (I didn't take my library card with me, so couldn't borrow any books). I grabbed a few titles and got comfortable for a quick read. Bio on Gandhi (read a few pages - interesting), then there was a book about unleashing the genius within us - and I'm all for that - as I truly believe we are all geniuses and it was a good read and then there was a title about angels - spirituality.

Hmm, I thought, hmmmm.

So I opened it - and read it - and lo behold I found that according to the lady who wrote it and according to her spiritual beliefs one has a guardian angel with them all the time, even has a name and is waiting for us to converse with him and he will reveal his name to us...and...we also have an angelic side to us and we have wings!!!!

So after all these years I finally understand my back pains - my wings are so heavy they are pushing their way outwards to fly high in the sky!!! :-D

There were also exercises on how to call your angel to get him to touch you and reveal his name as well as feeling your own wings.

I'll tell you the exercises only if you like this post and if you comment! lol

Then it was time to go home - my wings were getting tired! So again I walked through the park, taking a different route, being keenly observant, I discovered....a Secret Garden!!!

It had four gates all the way round, all locked and it was hiding behind trees and bushes and when I peered through the gate it was so cute and pretty! It had benches and flowers and I yanked the door to see if i could get in...but to no avail!

There was a board saying that if we climb over the paint will go on our clothes and we get caught...well something like that...ahhh it reminded me of the 'Secret Garden'!

I think I'm going to plan some daily walks in the park now and pluck up the courage to sit there alone and contemplate, meditate, reflect, ponder etc etc - if it wasn't for the weirdos - and see if I can get into that secret garden....