Monday, 31 October 2011

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

...can YOU?

Yes, YOU can!

We ALL can, insha'Allah.

It all starts with a dream. So dream it and dream it clear - with all the bright colours, all the sounds, all the smells and all the tastes. Make the dream so clear that you can see it even with your eyes open - when walking, when talking - see it as clear as ice.

Believe it - plant the seed of belief in your hearts and water it each day with hope, prayers and conviction - nurture it and make sure you don't neglect it - for neglect will lead to shattered dreams but nurturing with lead to firm conviction - such conviction that it won't shake you, it won't break you - but it will make you who you want to be!

Achieve it - each day, each moment, dream your dream, believe it will happen and work on it to achieve it - write a plan now and each day take that one step towards making it a living reality.

But remember - only YOU can make YOUR dream a living reality for it says in the Qur'an; 'Allah does not change a condition of a people until they change it themselves'.

The help of Allah is right with you - 24/7, however if YOU don't take that first step - then nothing will happen.

So, 'Dream It, Believe It, and go out there into the big world and Achieve it!'

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Adhaan in BSL

...British Sign Language.

Now THIS is what I call soulful therapy!

I saw this during Ramadan on RTV and was absolutely blown away - I had to hold back tears!

Honestly - I haven't seen anything as amazingly as inspirationally as beautiful as THIS!

Watch it and you'll know just what I mean - and don't forget to share it :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Are YOU a British Citizen?

...Then Please Stand-Up for JUSTICE and FAIRNESS.

...Because tomorrow it could be ME or YOU!

turBo flow are 'Official Supporters'.

Please see the following video and sign the petition and please SHARE it NOW!

Below this post you have various options insha'Allah. Share on Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc.

And if YOU are not British and are our Global turBo flow family then YOU can still help!

Use ALL the social media networks available to you and promote this - clock is ticking and deadline is 10th November 2011 - so please act NOW! Thank You!

Monday, 24 October 2011

How are YOU doing? :)

Salaams, Peace and Welcome to ALL the NEW Souls who have discovered my blog.


Do browse and enjoy all the reads - there are many posts since I've been blogging for almost three years now (we're 3 in December iA) - enjoy, hope you benefit and if you do then invite your loved ones here - or email this to them, sign-up to the blog, tweet it, facebook it, G+ it - trust me, we've got it covered! Lol

1. If you're on facebook then do LIKE my page on

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...I'm thinking that turBo flow should now have a website of its own? Or we could leave it like this? And what about a turBo flow twitter account?

Please comment below and let me know what you would like :)

Have a Rocktastic day wherever you are - with love and duas, turBo :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Our Tom Tom's...

...So, basically what has happened is that we've had loads of tomatoes grow - mum just picked another 80 today and the sunny season in UK is over!

Well, we don't really have that much sun in the UK, though this year was a goodun!

We don't have a greenhouse - outdoors or indoors - we should invest in one now.

So when the sunny season is over - and when all the tomatoes are still green - and when you don't have a greenhouse either indoors our out - well, then, what does one do?

***Take A Guess***

We go 'Desi-Style'!

Yes! If all else fails in life, all rules, regulations, procedures and protocols - what to do? Do it like a desi!!!

So you see those lil cuties in the tray in the pic above? Well those were ALL green!

Mum wrapped them up in newspaper, then she put a thick blanket over them - so they were fully covered up, then she put them in a box and then she put the box in a dark place.

A week later she pulled them out and there you have it - the red tomatoes above - and they tasted? Scrumdidliumptous!!!!

So, next time you're tomatoes don't ripen on time and you don't have a greenhouse then fear nada - just do it 'Desi-Style'! :D

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stand Up For Justice

...Please read the following and if you're a British Citizen then please sign the petition.

This is not only about Babar Ahmed and not only about a Muslim - but it's about being a human and a British Citizen.

Stand up for Justice - stand up for your human rights - stand up for Babar Ahmed.

Today its Babar, tomorrow it could be me or you!

Who will stand up and sign?

We are living in crazy times and anything is possible - so please get yourselves clued up in what is happening and if you're not in the UK then please let ALL your UK contacts know insha'Allah and ask them to sign.

Thank You ALL, turBo x

Monday, 3 October 2011

Twins of Faith

...The Biggest Islamic Conference of 2011 insha'Allah!


Saturday 19th November 2011

ExCel London

Get YOUR tickets NOW - major discount until 1st November!

Dare to Miss It?

Please {SHARE the KHAIR} :)