Monday, 30 January 2012

The Traveller's Guide To The Qur'an

Sabeeling - The Traveller's Guide To The Qur'an; Brum, UK, 28th/29th Jan 2012

(Concluding notes from the weekend course I attended)

In a nutshell, a person has to have the following life-span plans - or in other words we need to set the following targets, iA:

Are YOU game? Good iA - here's the targets:

1. Target 1: Fix your relationship with the Book of Allah - the Qur'an. Make a target that by the end of 2012 you will perfect the recitation iA (Note - many online resources available for free to help you recite properly, utilize them iA).

2. Target 2: Make the Qur'an a part of your life and do not abandon it. It has all the answers for your life. Solutions to everything are in this Book. It is a guidance for us all.

3. Target 3: Make a plan to memorize the Qur'an. In old age when illnesses and diseases hit us and we cannot recite the Qur'an from memory we will really regret it.

4. Target 4: To go through the meaning of the verses and meaning of the Book - i.e. study the tafsir.

Also: Use time accordingly - make use of many short periods of time that are neglected, be organised on a daily, make sure you have access to the Qur'an always.

Finally: You cannot give your child any better gift than the gift of the Qur'an!

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Reach For The Stars

Do YOU Believe in YOU? Your Lord Believes in YOU and I Believe in YOU! :)

...'Don't Stop Now Til You Reach The Top - You Got One Shot Give It All You Got - Put Your Mind To It And You Never Give Up - You Will Overcome Against All Odds!'

(Chorus from the track 'Against All Odds' by The Bilz & Kashif)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Attitude Check!

...This quote basically says it all!

It really, truly is all about our attitude - and our attitude can make or break.

Think about it for a moment - no one else has control over our attitude - it's something you and I possess - it's what each individual has - and we can all take charge and fix it up.

It's our attitude that determines the outcome of any circumstance or situation.

Next time you're in hot water just step back a moment, take a deep breath and then react.

Elders always say in Urdu; 'Think with a cold/cool mind'. And they are right because if we do cool down then we will react more calmly and the situation will cool down - and we can come up with creative ideas to solve the issues.

So, team turBo flow - let's check our attitude and let's fix it up insha'Allah - for as Winston Churchill; 'Attitude is a little thing which makes a big difference!'.

Monday, 9 January 2012

2012 Challenge

...Have YOU set a challenge for yourselves this year?

No, not like a 'New Years Resolution' - but a challenge - like something you haven't done before but now you will challenge yourselves?

OK, so here's my challenge for 2012...

...12 Months 12 Topics or Industries.

Basically this means that each month I'm going to delve deep into a topic that I studied way past in school days - like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, etc - to some things I've never studied before like Anthropology, Philosophy, Astronomy, etc.

'Why?' I hear you ask...

Well, it's a good challenge and it's good for the brain - I mean challenging it with things it's never been challenged before and it's good to learn new stuff to increase one's personal knowledge and skills and I'm a firm believer in personal development, etc etc and basically because I love a challenge!

So, this month it is Quantum Physics - also because recently I became an 'Energy and Emotional Healing' therapist/practitioner and I want to learn more about this area and to increase the whole energy thing within me - it's fun, really!

So, this is my challenge for 2012.

What will YOU challenge yourselves with this year?

Let me know :)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Let's Rock 2012!

Become the CEO of YOU!

Who else is going to take personal responsibility for all areas of YOUR LIFE, except YOU?

Become the best version of YOU today - starting NOW!

That is the only way to be happy and achieve all that you were created to achieve.

Always remember that we have to take the first step and then Allah (swt) will put barakah in all our endeavours.

If you aim high enough then insha'Allah YOU will exceed in your own loftiest expectations!

So say Bismillah and begin your journey. My duas are with YOU!

Let's ROCK 2012 Homeys - Big Tings! :D