Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy 4th Birthday turBo flow Blog!

Masha'Allah - can you believe it? It's four years today that I launched turBo flow blog and wrote my very first blog post and started my online blogging, vlogging and then entrepreneurship.

Where have the years gone? Subhan'Allah!

I want to take this opportunity to say jazaakumullah khairun and thank you to ALL of you who have been following this blog since four years as well as reading the weekly posts and sharing them.

I am truly grateful and I truly appreciate YOU!

May Allah (swt) reward YOU and your loved ones immensely and answer ALL your duas in this world and next - ameen!

I do have long term plans for turBo flow blog these include pdf reminders (from all the classes I have attended - as you know I'm a student of knowledge) as well as tafsir reminder videos as I memorise the surah's insha'Allah.

Thank you and JazaakAllah khairun for all your patience, love and duas. Please continue to remember me in your duas so I can get the pdf's to you insha'Allah.

Have a fabulous week ahead and always remember to inspire and be inspired and share the khair.

Love and duas always and forever...

Nadia Leona Yunis

AKA turBo flow! (:

Ps: Read my very first turBo flow blog post called; 'I Have Entered into a New World - is this the New World Order?'

Monday, 17 December 2012

KSC - My Kids Club

I launched my weekend kids club back in November 2009 and finally alhamdullilah the website is LIVE.

So please click on Knowledge Seekers Club to visit the site.

There's lots and lots of inspiration and motivation for all ages.

The Club is for 5-10 year olds - boys and girls.

You can purchase your Stickers as well as download all the free stuff for the kids.

So whether you have kids, younger siblings or nieces and nephews then this site is for YOU and THEM.

Or if you're just a big kid like me then have fun! :)

Monday, 10 December 2012

One God

...There is only ONE God - Creator of the Heavens, Earth and all Creation. Creator of you and me. If you're a human then God created you. The same God who created me. There's no logic behind giving a human being a status of God because if we are human then we would all want to be God. Let's not elevate anyone to the status of God whether Prophets or Scholars. Some humans are chosen to perform miracles only by God's Will. But they are not God. So God is not human. God is beyond our imagination. God is Light. Moses wanted to see God. He was a chosen Prophet. He was better than you and me. And what happened? God told him to look at the mountain, if it stays in its place then Moses would be able to see God. But as soon as God revealed Himself to the mountain it turned to ashes and Moses lost consciousness. Even the mountain couldn't handle the shear Magnificence of God. God is not human. We are all searching for spirituality and meaning of life. All are in search of the One. God. And God has One message for us all. Worship Him only. *Reflect*.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

3 Steps to Vitality

What are the 3 Steps to Vitality?

Check out this NEW video from my 'We Be Inspired' (

Available on both YouTube and Vimeo :)


Monday, 3 December 2012

Workshop for Women in the UK

***LADIES in the UK***

---» Tired of the same routine day in day out without any results?

---» Want a more meaningful relationship and connection with your Lord?

---» Want to get rid of all those negative beliefs and junk that's holding you back from achieving?

---» Want to strengthen your ibaadah and be consistent in your prayers, Qur'an, dhikr?

---» Want more than just conferences and lectures but actual tips and action points to move forward?

---» Want a fresh start and be inspired and motivated to achieve your best life?

---» Want to live upon the deen and die upon the deen?

---» Want some inspiration and motivation from Qur'anic verses, ahaadith as well as tasty nuggets from our pious predecessors?

Then its time YOU invested in YOU!!! :)


If YOU just answered YES to any one of those questions above then its time for you to enter into the inspirational and motivational zone - where you learn how to start making positive changes in your life, live upon the deen AND prepare for YOUR best akhirah insha'Allah!!!


We Be Inspired brings you an uplifting and interactive end-of-year workshop to help YOU get your life back on the right tracks.

The one day workshop; 'Who the Heaven am I?' has undergone some positive changes.

Launched as a pilot in October and taking all the feedback on board we now bring you a one day workshop where you'll experience positive breakthroughs, ah-ha moments AND tips to help you get started on the best version of YOU insha'Allah.


So, what will You learn?

---» Belief systems and exercises to rid negative beliefs

---» Developing awareness about our moments and our choices

---» Understanding the Qur'anic ayah which sums up our Purpose and how to live by it

---» Goal Setting: Go through a whole coaching model and chance to book yourself for a 6 week tailored coaching package

---» Energy and Emotional Healing

---» Energy Visualisation Circle

---» My four choices of the Great Women of Islam and how they inspire and motivate me

---» Lots of laughs and maybe some tears - its all good!

---» ...and more! :)



• Where: Bham, UK

• When: End of December 2012 (Date: TBC)

• Venue: TBC

• Time: 10-4pm (Includes 1 hour for lunch, Prayer and networking)

• Lunch & Breaks: Lunch and refreshments will be provided and extra breaks for Asr and Maghrib prayers.

• Cost: £50 incl workbook and lunch

---» Discounts will be available for school/college/uni students as well as those sisters who attended the workshop in RDC insha'Allah.

---» There will be 'Early Bird', 'Late Bird' and 'Angry Bird' offers :D

---» Only 100 seats!!!

---» If you're from out of town then get a group of sisters together and book a mini-coach. Don't miss this workshop!


I'm so in! What now? :)

Register your interest via and as soon as the venue and date is confirmed then the tickets will be available for purchase.

---» SHARE this with ALL your lady friends and spread the word

---» Make lots of dua and get excited insha'Allah! :D


We Be Inspired is your #1 organisation for 'Personal and Spiritual Development'.

Its not about passive learning but actively making positive changes in your life.

YOU were created the BEST - so let the BEST finally shine through!

Join our facebook page:

Visit our Website:

Follow us on Twitter:

Let Nadia, the Queen of inspiration and motivation, inspire and motivate YOU into creating positive changes in YOUR life! :) ♥

Register your interest NOW because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain insha'Allah! :)

Read my full bio here:


Want to attend the workshop?

Have a listen to our ***EXCLUSIVE*** webinar video (available on Youtube and Vimeo) and check out the testimonials from RDC - Rochdale Dawah Centre.

"Alhamdulilah! I loved the workshop. It was maashallah fantastic, the topic spoken about was 1 of my favourite topics. I wanted to stay all day on the subject. Sister nadia was maashallah brill. She delivered it very well. We should have more workshops like that in the future inshallah"

"I loved the contents of the course and the sister was a good speaker masha'Allah, I'm glad I went cos it was beneficial."

"Alhamdulilah its was a fantastic course, i really enjoyed myself. The speak was very interactive n informative."

"It was really good interesting interactive and fun should do more workshops like that at RDC for sisters only."