Monday, 27 December 2010

A Time to Reflect...

...So, I won't blog about new years resolutions as we all know that only 5% of us (yes, that was my very own made up statistics) ever keep to them and I'm one of those guilty personas who has done this and officially gave up on them some time ago!

However, I will talk about something which I read myself and thought, 'hmmm', yes, indeed, you make sense!

So here goes!

Since this is the time when people are in a festive mood - whether or not you celebrate it as a religious event or not - if you're in the west right now then you're on holiday from work, school, college, university etc - so its basically holiday season. And since new year is just, what, 4 days away you will be thinking about the year gone past - what you have achieved, what you thought you would achieve but didn't get round to it for whatever reason, and what you would do for the rest of your life - or well maybe the next 12 months.

For me this year has been plagued with illness, and though i may seem to dramatise it with my words it truly wasn't as bad as some people have had it this year - but for me it was pretty bad - between life and death - that's what illness does, it really brings it home to you that one day poooof you'll be gone...

So I've read that this is a fantastic time for self-reflection and although in a previous post I did say that we should at least spend the last 10 minutes of each night reflecting - a daily routine which we should establish - this is one of those best times to pull out your journal and to reflect and write down all the positives that have happened this year, all the negatives and then on a fresh sheet of paper, make a mind map of the next 12 months and all that you wish to achieve and all that you desire. Yes, death may come to us at any moment - however we were all sent on this earth to achieve something - and if the Angel of death comes to you before you achieved your dream - then at least depart this world knowing that you made all the necessary plans and preparations for it - as who knows who may continue your dream and legacy when you're gone.

Ive got many dreams and many have become a reality and many are yet to become reality. The next 24months (yes 24!) are going to be crazier than this year and I'm looking forward to each and every second of it. Something tells me that it will definitely have a lot of craziness and ups and downs - but, hey, it wouldn't be life then would it?

So grab your journal and get writing and planning and remember to keep your intentions and sincerity pure - and remember why you are doing it - for the greater good of this world and humanity - and watch your destiny unfold and your dreams become reality - and God is the best of all planners!

With all my prayers and love - I wish you all the success in your lives! :)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

...A msg from turBo for you all! :)

...well, as promised - here it is! A short sweet and quick message from turBo to you all! And yes the audio on it is not the best in the universe - just put your speakers on full volume or better still try using headphones. It was a quick recording on my Blackberry - when I get my video camera then these quick clips will be better - but for now, enjoy! And yes, Ive been very, very poorly all week - request for your prayers.

So here goes - an unedited version of turBo saying hello to you all! :D

Friday, 24 December 2010

...turBo flow is 2 years old Today!, subhan'Allah!

What another amazingly fantastically crazy year in the blogging world!

Thank You - dearest readers - each and everyone - from each and every corner of the Globe - for popping by, reading, commenting and appreciating this blog!

If it wasn't for all your support and appreciation I probably wouldn't be still here blogging today.

I do have to apologise to you all. As you know I blog for you all on a Monday, but I fell terribly sick in the early hours of Monday morning, and I'm still a little dysfunctional! So all your prays are needed peeps.

Well, what else is coming up in the next year? Gosh, where do I begin? If this year wasn't crazy and busy enough, the next is set to be yet the craziest and busiest - God Willing.

Lots more to do and launch and please do subscribe to the blog (become a public subscriber, its nice to know who is following this blog and from where in the world). You could email your friends about turBo flow blog, you could tweet us or facebook us! I mean, if you have enjoyed it and have benefited from anything (all good is from God alone and the mistakes are mine) then share that benefit with your loved ones - and let them know about a blog which is truly 'not your average'!

I hope wherever you are in the world you would like to be part of some of the projects that I have launched and will be launching, God Willing. On the right hand side of this blog you will see all the different sections ie 'home', 'projects' etc - here I will be letting you know of all that I'm going to be getting up to and how you can be part of my turBo land! I will also blog about my upcoming ventures to keep you updated and so you all know when its time to join.

Currently I'm finishing off my final year for my third degree and a thesis for my Masters degree as well as a postgraduate law practical and some intensive classical studies. I'm also working on a international project with some fantastic sisters, Knowledge Seekers Club and Knowledge Seekers Sisters Circle (new classes and product line launching soon) and a fantastic new venture which insha'Allah will change my existence to help you in your existence in this world, very soon - ohhhh, things will never be the same again! I'm extremely excited yet extremely nervous. I've been waiting my whole life for this - and I had my breakthrough a couple of weeks ago - and finally my ultimate question was answered, 'What is my purpose in this world' and before you all say, 'it's to worship the One, true God', well, yes, I know that, and that is the main purpose we are all here - but each and everyone of us has been sent to this world to accomplish something, that ultimate purpose for being - like some are meant to be teachers, some lawyers, some politicians, some activists - so, well I've found mine (finally!) and all I will say at this point is - get ready get set for a roller coaster ride - full 150% turBo flow peeps! (Oh and I'm doing lots of other crazy stuff also!)

Ok, I better be going now. Once again, thank you all for appreciating this blog - you truly are my global familia! :)

Enjoy the holidays and the snow and remember, '...its not your average flow, its turBo flow'!

Ps - if you still don't know why I'm called turBo, then check out the very first blog post i wrote on 24th December 2008!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Keeping Busy?!

...But in doing so, make sure you are doing what you want to do and enjoy doing and not what you don't want to do or don't enjoy doing.

Sounds all idealistic and you may question, 'well - that's just not possible because of x, y and z'.

OK, so maybe all of what you want to do is not 'idealistic' yet or you are not able to do it for x, y and z, yet. But it is possible - if you want it - then anything is possible.

Yes, we need to be realistic in what we want - but if you say you want to climb Mount Everest or live in a mansion - then why isn't t possible? Ofcourse it is, IF you are willing to pay the price for it.

And what do I mean by 'paying the price'? I mean, if you put your heart and soul into making something happen then anything is possible for nothing is impossible.

But - you have to be willing to make it happen!

We always hear and even say that in an ideal world things would be like this or like that or such and such would happen. But I say that the ideal world ain't going to happen if you just sit there - you have to make your ideal world happen!

In keeping busy and living your dream don't forget why you were created and your ultimate mission - for God says that He did not create man or satan except to worship him.

So don't forget - reminder to myself firstly - that our day should be busied in the remembrance of God, His worship and then making our dreams happen - so you not only have the mansion to live in (if that is what you want) but also that you do something which is for the greater good -which helps humanity and makes our world a much better place.

For a moment reflect on your life - look at all you have and all that you have been blessed with - are your basic needs met? Then you are one of the luckiest people alive!

I will be launching something spectacular in the new year - something which involves me becoming who I am meant to be and something which will involve you all.

Watch this space! :)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

My Greatest Hits 2010

If you're on Facebook then you can create your very own 2010 Statues Collage!

Click on the picture to see my Greatest Hits for 2010 and if you're on facebook then hit me up and check it out there.

You can always make your own too!

Have fun collaging your statuses!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Big Freeze and Islamic New Year 1432 AH

...before you start scratching your topi's and hijaabs - or heads - I know what you're - 'what has the big freeze gotta do with the Islamic New Year?'

Well - nothing really - I'm just doing the whole 'kill two birds with one stone' thing!

NB: turBo flow does not promote the stoning of innocent birds! Just make sure you have four legal eagles who can testify to their innocence!

Those birds and the bees! Animals!

Basically I'm trying to cover two topics in one as it's quicker than writing two separate posts - and so here is my attempt of making two completely opposite topics make sense in one!

Britain is seeing (or feeling more like it) a second year of very cold weather, snow, sleet, ice and school closures - and we can thank our Eastern Europe allies for that!

The English have a thing about moaning - about everything - hot weather; 'Oh my God, its so hot', cold weather; 'Oh my God, its so cold'! What?!

Get a grip fellow Brits! You ungrateful ladoos!

Patience - learn patience - for only patience can bring you through hardship. And let's take a moment and think about all those across the globe without a house right now, without adequate clothing, no shoes, torn clothes, very little food and no water for many days - and what about those little angels - those children - picture them for a moment shivering, tears turning to ice...

Basically - my point is think outside the box - outside of your own box for a moment and think about everyone else in the world - at least you have a roof over your head!

Patience...practise it and watch your life being transformed...

Which brings me to my next topic - its the Islamic New Year 1432 AH - the month is called Muharram - and instead of me going into great detail about the month and its significance - which I could and I think I should - I'll just leave you with some advice - which is to myself firstly and foremostly (I ain't no preacher teacher!) - at the beginning of the 'New Year' we usually make resolutions - which never go beyond January - and if you have succeeded in yours then congrats - you rock! - so lets make a resolution - 'we shall learn to be more patient' - simple and to the point - as Islam teaches us and its in may verses of the Qur'an - 'seek help in patience and prayer'.

Without patience, my dear readers, we will not succeed in this life, let alone the next, and without patience we will not be able to handle the ups and downs we go through. Just look at those young children, homeless, clothless, foodless, shivering in the cold - yet they go to sleep with a dream - a dream that it will get better - and wake up in the morning thanking God for another day - to hope and dream that soon it will all be OK.

*Reflection Moment*....

Let's be grateful for what we have! 'So which of your Lord's favours will you deny?!' (Holy Qur'an - Surah Rahman).

(notice how many exclamations there are in this post!)

(ps - did you figure the missing link - between the two posts?)