Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cyber Attacks fast becoming Cyber Warfares!

Over the years and decades there have been many technological advancements and progressions. The Internet has quickly become number one in our lives. Almost everything now is done on the net - which is a little scary! Socialising and making friends? - On the net. Buying and selling? - On the net. Studying and learning? - On the net. Finding a life partner??? - On the net?!.
As discussed in one of the previous posts the Internet can be used for both good and bad - so I'm not going to blog about or lists all the good and bad - but will look at something which has been in the media a lot lately - so many of you will be aware of it and many wont (just depends if you keep up with the news and stuff).
Human beings have been immensely blessed by the Creator with so many skills and abilities - skills and abilities which help us further our existence - fulfil our goals and aims and make the most of our lives - well we only have one life on planet earth!
The Internet can help us study online to further our skills in a particular field and we can still work full time. So its a good thing - but many people across the globe are using their skills and abilities to cause harm to others. If one is suffering from psychological issues then I strongly suggest that one seeks medical assistance immediately - for you have to be a fool to be wasting your sills and abilities harming others - and not helping others! And what precisely is one achieving by doing wrong? A little fame? But for how long? Your harming yourselves as well as others and that is not the purpose of creation!
As the Internet is advancing so are people skills and abilities. Once upon a time you had hackers and they thought they were cool or 'geniuses' - but when your behind bars then well you're not a genius anymore are you, genius?!
The whole hacking business led to cyber attacks - on individuals, on corporations, educational institutions and governments . Alot of damage was done. They thought they were one step ahead and they would get away with it - but not for long.
And now what do we have?
Cyber Attacks has become Cyber Warfare! Forget the army training, battlefields and loss of life - we are talking about Warfare via invisible means (through the wires!).
Basically cyber warfare is using the Internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace. It is carried out by small individual groups to large groups - warfare on governments and nations.
From the website on the 17th of November 2009 we have the following; "Dave DeWalt, the president and CEO of McAfee, said in a statement, "[S]everal nations around the world are actively engaged in cyberwar-like preparations and attacks." These include China, France, Israel, Russia, and the U.S., and it's no secret that the members of this group aren't all on great terms. What's more, cyberwarfare's barrier to entry is so low in comparison to traditional hostilities (a roomful of computers vs. thousands of men, tanks, and airplanes) that lots of other countries are almost sure to pursue the idea. Then, if and when the virtual bullets start flying, things could get really nasty. McAfee reported, "Attackers are not only building their cyberdefenses, but cyberoffenses, targeting infrastructure such as power grids, transportation, telecommunication, finance and water supplies, because damage can be done quickly and with little effort."
What happened to traditional ways of getting your point across? And its not individuals who are going to be harmed - masses - so the need? Personally I think this has gone too far - seriously, if you are reading this and are involved in it - then kindly leave my blog as its not for people like you! - and you're the fools here - you have to meet your Creator one day soon - so honestly I hope you have a speech ready to justify your actions - as it aint gona work!
Wasting precious time in life on something like cyberwar when you could be doing so much to help people - educate people, create job opportunities - yes we have issues with our governments, there's corruption, money-laundering, terrorism - but ultimately it leads to YOUR destruction. Come online and use the net for useful stuff - become useful in life - not engage in warfare - you have a point to make , situations to change - then get up, make an action plan and try to change the situation - many in our past have - they didn't resort to violence - they taught, the suffered, they worked hard and they persevered - and they achieved! For both you and I.
And for all those who weren't aware about this new warfare - then be vigilant and watch what you do (don't panic) but don't engage with dodgy people online - especially if you have never spoken to them before and if you want to change a situation wherever you are then make an action plan, put all your skills and abilities on the table and make the change - it will happen.
For those who engage in cyber criminality - then don't forget, your time will come - behind bars as well as the fire of hell! Hope you're prepared for that warfare! :)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday Reminder Series - Unity!

...And here is Friday Be Inspired Reminder 2! It's all about Unity! Enjoy :D (don't forget the feedback - now how else will I improve and make them better?) :)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Muslim Coach - another inspirational figure for the Ladies!

...Did you just read the title correctly? Yes you did! The Muslim Coach - and she exists! (she is a she!)

Sister Farzana Khundmir - a Muslim Coach - and she was on the Be Inspired show (my radio show on Unity FM) is here to help! Read on and visit her website insha'Allah! (yup, i totally recommend her!)
"Sister Farzana is the founder of the life coaching service, The Muslim Coach. She is a trained life coach and was trained by Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef (director of the Almaghrib Institute). She has a bachelor of science in Psychology from the world famous, University College London (UCL).

Sister Farzana has also trained with the Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH), and worked with them for a year. She has also received training from the Telephone Helpline Association.

She is a regular student at Almaghrib and Alkauthar seminars, and is also a student on the Alkauthar Student Guild Programme.

Recently The Muslim Coach has been doing a regular slot on UnityFM, on the radio show "Be Inspired".

The Muslim Coach has also hosted a number of free workshops and webinars and has conducted two "life coaching toolbox workshops" in 2009.

If you would like to know more about the instructor Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef then visit"
Visit sister Farzana's website on: for more info about all her services and products. She is here to help you so you can benefit and succeed in life. Contact her insha'Allah, join her webinar workshops and have one2one coaching.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Power of Passion - for Learning and Knowledge!

...Passion - can be for either good or bad - one of the deadly sins! But we're not talking about sinning here (no no, not on my blog! OK, maybe discuss issues on it - but we do not promote any form of sin rather the opposite!) :)

When someone is full of passion they will go to the extremes - and again, if it is the wrong type then, well, clearly it leads to their destruction. But on the flip side - the 'good' passion is where you use all your energy and abilities to achieve your goals and ultimately live a true and fulfilled life - on the path of Allah - the straight path - and yes you can live a life full of passion - to do good - and yes you will be happy!
Again, this passion will need to be controlled, grounded (work on it) - so for example, if you're starting up a business, or working on a project - you put all your passion into it (i.e energy, abilities etc) - but you don't go to the extreme where - if you're working as part of a team - you start to disrespect the team - treat then unfairly or unequally - just because you're project manager, you're passionate, you want to succeed in it and want to see it to the end - but control that passion - be passionate (I'm a very passionate being myself - I put my heart and soul into what I believe in) but I don't look down on others, or treat then unfairly - soooo far from it! I actually involve them in my projects - or if I need help - I seek it - just ask!
So you have to learn to control your passion and don't become a control freak (if you need help in getting yourselves organised learning to be moderate and balancing your emotions yet succeeding in your goals then insha'Allah drop me a email, comment, or skype me and I will help you out - that's what I'm here for!).
Be passionate about your work and give it 150% and ask Allah to put barakah in your time and work and projects and insha'Allah - you will succeed - guaranteed!
If passion can make one do all sorts - then why are we not passionate about learning and seeking knowledge? And if we are then howcome we are not using our abilities and talents and creativity to help others? *lets you all ponder...think, reflect - take 2 mins*...
Also, why is it that its the tiny little beings - our young ones - who are yearning to learn and climb a mountain at their precious little age - and us elders are like 'not motivated, can't be bothered, don't know what to do in life'? (again, I'm here to help out - so just hollah if you need to talk).
My cousin and I have set up a young girls club - it launched today - called 'Knowledge Seekers Club (c)' or KSC (Islamic Studies, activities and all things inspirational) - and its for girls aged 7 to 18 year old (we have two groups reflecting their ages). I actually started 'scouts' at home with my nieces back in 2001 (inspiration whilst coming out of itikaaf in Ramadhan) then got busy and stuff - (yup, that excuse!) - and restarted it this Ramadhan. I was inspired to take it further because the tiny little beings had questions such as 'Judgment Day', 'Death', 'Hereafter' etc - so i decided that they needed more - lets give them more! My cousin came and she also wanted be part of it and so I said - 'Bismillah' - and it launched today - Alhamdullilah.
Through advertising and marketing I came across alot of different people, ideas, thoughts - and I was amazed at some parents literally begging me to take on their 5/6 year old - and others - well they just don't care! Group one (7 to 12year old) fully booked - group two (13 to 18 year old) struggling to get the numbers - girls don't want to be in the club, attitude and generally miserable! All parents reading this - please times a billion - start at a very early age with your kids and help them learn, develop and just BE who they are - don't leave it too late - please - and if you're reading this and you can relate to the group two scenario - start interacting with your daughters, nieces, sisters - its vital - the world out there is seriously screwed up and it will do anything to take our daughters away from morality and innocence (they are at it big time - mind control blog post to come soon).
Bring back the passion into their lives - passion to exist and be whole - to learn and to grow - to believe and to achieve - there is still hope and all one needs is the right attitude and the passion to teach and help - and our daughters will be protected from the evil the media is feeding them.
Start reading (if you have stopped), start learning and be hungry and thirsty for knowledge - as knowledge is waiting for you. Keep the passion for knowledge and learning alive and don't underestimate its powers - it really can change one for the better as well as make positive changes to the world and those suffering and waiting for our help...
(I wrote some short stories - one for my English assessment many years ago and one recently and one I'm working on - you'll get those real soon as ebooks! For the younguns and for the elder ones - working on some inspirational short ebook for you) :)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday Reminder Series - Sacrifice

Welcome to the first in a series of Friday Reminders called 'Be Inspired'. OK, I know I'm a radio presenter and producer - BUT those are live shows - lol - and I prefer live shows over recorded ones - and infact Ive presented over 60 or 70 lives shows now - so this one was a lil difficult - and please a small request - don't upload it on YouTube - but come and listen to it here and enjoy! :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Guest Post (via email) - 82 year old woman becomes hafiza!‏

For all who wish to memorise the Book of Allah and implement it in our lives - here is some inspiration (you may have read this before - i just received it in my inbox and thought share with all!)
An Interview with Umm Saalih - A Grandmother Who Completed Memorizing the Qur'an at Eighty-Two Years Old - As Read by Dr. Saleh as Saleh
Al-Hamdulillaah (All-Praise is due to Allah), the One Who said (what means): "And in truth We have made the Qur'aan easy to remember; but is there any that remembers?" Surah 54: 32
Many all over the world memorize the Qur'aan, and it is not strange to see the youth memorizing the Noble Qur'aan and an early age. Al-Hamdulillaah, the One who made the Qur'aan easy for remembrance, had made it easy for Umm Saalih age 82. In an interview with Umm Saalih, she was asked the following questions:
Q1: "What was the reason that drove you to memorize the Qur'aan after so many years?"
She said, "I always hoped to memorize the Qur'aan from the time I was young. My father always used to invoke Allaah for me to become one of the memorizers of the Qur'aan, like himself and like the elder brothers of my family who memorized it. So I memorized in the beginning about three parts and then after I completed the age of thirteen, I got married and became busy with the household and the children. After I had seven children, my husband died. They (the children) were all young so I took the time to raise them and educate them, and then after they grew up and got married, I had more time for myself. Therefore, the first thing I directed myself to focus upon was the Qur'aan.
Q2: "Tell us about your journey with the Noble Qur'aan."
She said, "My younger daughter was going to high school and she was the closest of my children to me and the most beloved, because she stayed with me after her older sisters got married and got busy with their lives, and because she was a quiet girl, upright, loving, and good. In addition, she was interested in learning the Noble Qur'aan, and her teachers encouraged her.Furthermore, she was very enthusiastic and always told me of many women who were driven by this great motivation to memorize the Qur'aan, and this is where I started."
Q3: "Tell me about your way of memorization."
She said, "We assigned ten verses (meaning her and her daughter who was going to high school). So each day after Asr, we used to sit together. She reads and I repeat after her three times. Then she explains the meaning to me, and after a while, she repeats that three times. On the next morning, she repeats them to me before she goes to school. She recorded also the recitations of Ash Shaykh al Husary, Rahimuhullaah, repeating each verse three times and thus I continued to listen most of the time. Therefore, the next day we would go to the next ten verses if my memorization was good. Otherwise, we would postpone taking additional verses until the day after. Moreover, we assigned the day of Friday to review the memorizations of the entire week. And this was the journey from the beginning." Then she said, "Over four years and a half, I memorized twelve juz" according to the way I described to you. Then this young daughter got married. When her husband knew of our task concerning the memorization, he rented a house close to me, close to my house, so that he could allow the continuation of the memorization. In addition, he, May Allah reward him used to encourage us and sometimes sit with us listening, explaining and teaching. Then after three years of her marriage, my daughter got busy with the children and the household and our schedule was interrupted, but that did not make her give up. To the contrary, she sensed that my eagerness for the memorization was still established so she looked for a special good teacher to continue the journey under her supervision. So, I completed the memorization by the success of Allaah and my daughter is still working to finish the memorization of the Glorious Qur'aan. She has a little left, In Shaa Allaah Ta'aala.
Q4: "This motivation of yours, did it have an effect on other women around you?"
She said, "It really had a good strong effect. My daughters and stepdaughters were all encouraged and worked on learning and teaching the Qur'aan to their children and learning it themselves.
Q5: "After finishing the Noble Qur'aan, don't you think about working on memorizing hadith?"
She said, "Now I have memorized ninety hadith and In Shaa Allaah I will continue the journey. I depend, in my memorization, upon the tapes and upon the Qur'aan radio station. At the end of each week, my daughter comes and checks for me the memorization of three hadith, and I am trying now to memorize more.
Q6: "Over this period of memorization of the Qur'aan, did your life change? Was it affected in one way or another?"
She said, "Yes, I went through a major change and I tried always, all praise is due to Allaah, to obey Allaah before I started the memorization. However, after I started the task of memorization, I began to feel a self-comfort, a great self-comfort and all worries began to move away from me. I even reached the stage of freeing myself from all these excessive worries concerning fearing for the children and their affairs, and my morale was boosted. I had a noble objective to work for and this is a great Ni'mah (Favor) from Allaah . upon me, since we know that some women, when they get old and they do not have a husband, and their children got married, may be destroyed by the empty time, thoughts, worries, and so forth. But, AlHamdulillaah, I didn't go through this and I made myself busy with a great task and a great objective.
Q7: "Didn't you think at one point, to join one of the circles focusing on teaching the Noble Qur'aan?"
The answer was, "Yes, some of the women suggested this to me, but I am a woman who got used to staying at home, and I don't like to go out everyday, and Al Hamdulillaah, my daughter sufficed me from all difficulty and I was so happy while I was learning from her. My daughter had set an example in goodness and righteousness which we rarely find in our days. She started this task and journey with me while she was an adolescent and this is a critical age many people complain of. She used to pressure herself so that she could have spare time to teach me, and she used to teach me with kindness and wisdom. Her husband was a good help to her and he exerted a lot of effort. I ask Allaah . to give them success and to bring their children up on uprightness."
Q8: "What do you say to a woman of your age who wishes to learn and memorize the Qur'aan yet she is worried about it and feeling unable to?"
She said, "I say to her there their shall be no despair with the firm, sincere and truthful determination. Begin with sincerity, firm determination and dependence on Allaah at each time. And remember that at this age you should have the time for yourself. However, do not use your time to only go out or to sleep and so forth. Rather, busy yourself with righteous work.
Q9: "Now what would you say to a woman who is still young? What would you advise her?"
She, may Allaah preserve her, said: "Preserve Allaah and He will preserve you. Make use of the favor of Allaah bestowed upon you from health and ways and means of comfort. Use that to memorize the Book of Allaah. This is the light which enlivens your heart, your life and your grave after you die.
And if you have a mother then exert the effort to teach her, and there is no better favor upon a mother than one of her righteous children aiding her to be close to Allaah."
Presented on the 1st of Muharram 1426, Feb 10th 2005. Originally published in Ad-Da'wah Magazine, no.1552, 17th of Rabee' Al-Awwal 1417,corresponding to Aug 1, 1996.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Inspiration for ALL the Ladies...Zohra Sarwari...

"People will be what they think they are" - Zohra Sarwari.

Wow - powerful statement - so true - yet so overlooked and when you ponder on its meaning you realise how it can or has affected our lives - and what we have achieved by having such a mindset...

Zohra Sarwari is an established author, coach, entrepreneur, and speaker, sharing her inspiration and love of learning with those around her. As a public speaker and muslim life coach, Zohra focuses on helping people achieve their goals and working with individuals on resolving specific challenges within their lives.
I recently 'discovered' sister Zohra - and all I can say is that alhamdullilah - all praise is to Allah - that I discovered her. AND I had the privilege to actually speak to her and get acquainted! :D
Her passion for her deen, spreading peace, teaching and helping others is not only inspirational to any female (and many males) but also addictive - one wants to hear more and listen to her more and her sincerity is in her words and her work.
Don't think you can't achieve that goal - because YOU can - with the right attitude, tools and help your on your way to achieving your dreams.
I am amazed at her passion to help others and her 'can-do' attitude - and with that same attitude she has achieved and is helping many others achieve - their live goals, dreams and ambitions. You can dream again - because you are on your path to achieving that dream!
I am inspired and drawn towards passionate, inspirational and dedicated people. I've always been a people person - and I find myself in the 'helping others' situation on a daily - its a part of my life now. I'm on the radio presenting and producing the 'Be Inspired' show which has inspired me to make a weekly 5 minute Friday reminder for turBo blog (first one launching this Friday 20th Nov) and I am hoping to take the 'Be Inspired' show from radio to TV within the next year - God-Willing.
I have also decided to become a public speaker - to inspire women, youth and conduct workshops and help people reach their true potential in life - and I have to say after discovering sister Zohra and speaking to her I have made a firm resolve to see it through - God-Willing.
If you're having a downer, feeling low, lost, can't seem to find direction to your life, lacking inspiration and motivation and wonder what your goals are or simply what your purpose in life is (urm read the post below on this topic) then log on to as well as her YouTube Vids.
I could give lots away - I should... BUT - I would like you all to click on the above link and read more about sister Zohra and embark on a new journey to change your life for better - and as I always say to my peeps - 'we only have one life to live - make the most of it - on the straight path'.
So check out sister Zohra, connect with her and sign up to her newsletters and lots of free stuff which will pop into your inbox - to keep you inspired and motivated!
*adds sisters Zohra's books to my wish list' :D

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Guest Post: VALUABLE INFORMATION (via email - author unknown)

Let's say it's 6.15 pm and you're going home (alone of course), after an unusually hard day on the job.
You're really tired, upset and frustrated. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to adiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hospital nearest your home. Unfortunately you don't know if you'll be able to make it that far. You have been trained in CPR, but the guy that taught the course did not tell you how to perform it on yourself.
Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness.
However,these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each cough, and the cough must be deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep inside the chest.
A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally again.
Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm. In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital.
Tell as many other people as possible about this. It could save their lives!!
A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10 people, you can bet that we'll save at least one life. Rather sending jokes please contribute by forwarding this mail which can save a person's life.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Umicom - A New Social Networking Site

Just when you thought you had signed up to all the social networking sites on the net and there couldn't be another one - not yet? We're still signing up to the others...

Well, in my previous blog we looked at the rise of Social Media - and how we can use the Internet to benefit us. In this blog entry I introduce you to 'Sammy Hegab' - the founder of - a new social networking site - and no its not like the others, it has something special - it has more! :)

Check out the following interview with Sammy Hegab as he tells us all about Umicom - and at the end of it don't forget to visit the site and sign up - yup you guessed right - I'm on there! ;)
Bismillah walhamdullilah wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasoolilah wa’ala alihi wa’sahbihi wa manwala, wa ba’ad - Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu
Brother Sammy – Jazaakumullah Khair for this quick short snappy interview with turBo flow blog. To begin with;

1. A bit about yourself please:
I’m not a doctor or a scholar or an Engineer or anything of title or status. I am nothing more than a Servant, a servant of Allah and I am very ambitious. My only dream in life is to provide a service to Mankind. To provide a service that would benefit others. I have always been into programming since I was 13 years old, and I have always been interested in business, economics, religion and humanitarian projects which really makes me who I am now. I like to live life with a purpose. Worship is not only prayer and fasting, Worship can be everything we do as long as we do it for the sake of our creator and not for any other reason. One story which really inspired me was about a man who wanted to be great and the prophet told him to find a way to serve the MANY for service to Many Leads to GREATNESS.

2. Where and why did you come up with the idea of

I’ve always wanted to start my own community but I was motivated after I noticed facebook and other social communities do not have control over abusive attack on islam, I had previously setup the first Arabic social community called which is now being replaced by which would be the ultimate social community which would integrate all social communities such as facebook, Myspace, Bebo, LinkedIn. Prior to this Umicom had been my dream since I was 17 years old, I always wanted to setup my own business not to make money but to create wealth for myself and others. A business which would one day fund causes, in short a Prepretual charity. I never liked when the mosque needed funding and they would go round asking for donations, rather I dreamed that one day I can setup a system to fund schools, education and help others setup businesses.. Umicom is the answer to this dream. The Word Umicom comes from the word Yamokum which means Your Day and when I was looking for a name I looked in the Quran for inspiration. It was then when I came across the word Yamokum 5 times which then I decided to name my company Umicom. Umicom, is not about Money, Umicom is not about Love, Umicom is all about a Day…and its your day too.
3. Why now – with Umicom?
Umicom is looking to expand rapidly across the world by developing strategic relationships with technology companies that would work with us to improving the services within the community. Umicom would provide a halal alternative to Social Community. Unlike facebook we are not funded by CIA nor owned by any government and therefor we are completely independent, Umicom is a community by the members for the members, Umicom was my dream now it is OUR Dream. The Future is in OUR hands.

4. What is the difference between Umicom and Facebook and other social networks?
The major difference is revenue sharing, 50% of all advertising revenue from the company is then shared out to the members whom qualify for shares. I am giving bonus shares for the first 100 members whom join before end of November’2009 The other big difference in Umicom you can start your own shop and sell direct to the members within the community and outside the community.

5. Who is it for and how can people join it? is for everyone, whether they are a business owner or a student or someone with a dream to make a change in the world. Umicom is the place for Business Owners, Charity organisations, and Social users.

6. Any other projects you are working on or will work on in the near future
Yes, I have many projects in development and they will ultimately be integrated into one of the projects is called which is the first global news portal gathers news from across the world on Muslims, Islam and lists them in one location. Works similar to a search engine except that it is constantly gathering the latest hot news and updates itself.

7. How can readers contact you for more info?
They can start by joining and adding me as a friend. I always reply when anyone sends a message on Umicom or chats to me on

8. Any last thoughts for the turBo flow readers?

Pursue your dream and never give up. What ever you want to do in life always try to work in a group, Peace, Love and Unity in the Community.

Jazaakumullah Khair – I hope you’re site becomes very successful and hope all the readers join it! W’salaam

(Peeps don't forget to check it out and join!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Social Media - The New Phenomenon!

A new phenomenon - taking over the world - the rise of Social Media!

What is Social Media? It is a way that you and I connect with the world - this blog, for instance, is also part of the social media phenomenon - as well as many social networking sites (yeah, I know you're joined on them - me too!) A new way in which we communicate with one another. And its not only adults who use it - young children are also using it to communicate with their friends.
As the Internet becomes wide spread and every home has a PC, laptop, palmtop, whatever else top they will make (surely they can't make a thumb top? or have they already? well, actually they can, but that's just too silly)...
Social Media is the #1 activity on the net - and it has become the new Revolution!
Below is a YouTube video which has been doing its rounds lately - it has been widely circulated - and it is definitely an eye opener - I mean I was like wooooooooooow!
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
I would like to say that we have been blessed with alot of new technological advances - and we should use them for the good - these mediums can easily be abused and misused (as we know that alot of our youngsters can fall into the hands of pedophiles after chatting to them online). I would say use Social Media - use it to expand your studies, work, business, knowledge and even making new friends across the globe. I mean we have so many people to meet in life and such diverse cultures to experience - there really is no excuse - all we have to do is google and its at our fingertips (do be cautious as alot of information can also be incorrect - so carry out a thorough search).
If you're thinking of expanding on your talents online - then consider this Social Media phenomenon - and think about how you can benefit from it as well as how you can help to make it a success.
So check out the vid and let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

...But, I don’t have the Confidence…!

(this article was also (no 2) initially submitted to another online project which i was working on - and i have left that project to concentrate on my blog - so you may have read it there - Allah (swt) blessed me to write this article - its for all the ladies (gents you can read and be inspired too) so i believe that it should be forwarded to benefit all)...

Have you ever heard yourself or someone else say this? ...But, I don’t have the Confidence…! Maybe you used to say it, but now, Alhamdulillah; you have overcome your fears and are confident. Maybe you’re still lacking confidence – you just need that extra help to gain that confidence again (otherwise you know you can do it!).
Insha’Allah in today’s article we will look at this issue and try to find some solutions, so by the end of it we will be on the road to confidence – together.
Confidence is an important aspect to being Productive. Confidence can usually make or break someone – and somewhere in your lives you may have encountered this issue. When we are happy and positive we achieve so much – even if we have just one hour. But when those grey clouds are hanging over our heads – then lo behold – that one hour can seem longer than 24 hours! But as Muslims(ahs) it is vital that we have confidence so we can become productive and achieve so much more – fulfill our dreams and goals – Insha’Allah.
Sure there will be moments when you’re lacking confidence because it’s a new course your enrolling on, working on a new project, new team members etc. This is natural for all of us – we need to become familiar with new surroundings and then Insha’Allah we’re ok. But when we’re fighting a constant confidence battle – then that’s when we need to bring out the ‘positive army’ to help us on our way to confidence.
What is confidence? It is when we believe in ourselves, in our abilities – being certain and without a doubt. It is a psychological state which shapes our mood, personality, our behavior and attitude towards our life and those around us.
But we are humans and we do fall – for various reasons.
The NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Language Programming – have stated that positive and negative programming since childhood affects our personality and confidence. So lack of confidence (or constant negative behavior) is something which has been programmed into people since their childhood days. It is this behavior which eventually shapes our personality and confidence in adulthood. Lack of confidence is also negative thoughts which become habitual.
“Watch your thoughts, for they become words; watch your words, for they become actions; watch your actions, for they become habits; watch your habits, for they become character; watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." ~ Mahatma Ghandi”
How can we gain Confidence? Firstly, you need to remember that, with everything in life, it takes practice and patience – it isn’t something which can change overnight. It is the realization of it and then acting upon this realization and changing for the better. So, Insha’Allah – try the following – and please don’t give up after a day or two – you have to be determined and stick to it!
a) Focus on your achievements and not your failures and remember that we all need to fall to learn – those who haven’t fallen haven’t truly learnt!
b) Look at your own qualities and your uniqueness – we are all different and all have our own specialness – don’t compare with your friends or siblings
c) Focus on who you are and what you like about yourself (yes sisters (bros), you can do this!)
d) Work on any skills that you need to do what it is you want to do – so for instance – you want to work with the youth in the community – then volunteer at the local community centre – after school activities – and then top it up with some short courses and qualifications Insha’Allah
e) Golden Rule: you can never be over trained or over skilled for any challenge in life!
f) Check out this following article from – very interesting!

What did our pious predecessors do? What was Islam like – in Medina? Spain? And what about our heroes and heroines in Islam – look at what they achieved and how they achieved it.
Remember little Fatimah (RA) defending her father? Wasn’t that confidence? And what about Asma (RA) when she went to give food to her father Abu Bakr and our beloved Prophet (PBUH) in the mountain of Thawr – now wasn’t that confidence? And what about those on the battlefield – nursing the wounded and fighting – confidence? And how did they achieve this? Unconditional faith and believe in Allah (SWT). Ponder upon the verses of the Qur’an, read and study the Seerah and the lives of the Great Past – and we too can be on that same path Insha’Allah.
So – my dear sisters (and bros) – you too can be productive – and many of you may already be productive or on your way to productivity – you need confidence. Don’t be afraid to fall – for when you do fall then be reassured that Allah (SWT) is there to pick you up again – well He (SWT) did create you right? Then why would He (SWT) leave you alone?
If you do have any confidence building tips then please comment and share – so all can be benefit Insha’Allah – and if you are lacking confidence – then make lots of dua (turBo is also making dua for you!) and try the above tips or tips fellow sisters and brothers may leave on the comment section – and don’t give up – try, try and keep trying!
Confidence and Productivity – Productivity and Confidence are two peas in a pod! One without another doesn’t work – properly. Remember Be Confident and Be Productive!

What's My Purpose?

(this article was initially submitted to another online project which i was working on - and i have left that project to concentrate on my blog - so you may have read it there - Allah (swt) blessed me to write this article - its for all the ladies (gents you can read and be inspired too) so i believe that it should be forwarded to benefit all...)

At least once in your life you must have asked this question, ‘What’s my purpose’? Maybe you were asking, ‘what is my purpose whilst working on such and such a project’, or maybe, just simply, ‘what’s my purpose in life’?
Life brings its ups and downs – no doubt – and with it brings this gloomy question, ‘what’s my purpose?!’ Today, insha’Allah, we will tackle this question and change it around – so you will leave today with a more productive phrase and tips on how to get there.
Firstly, let me point out that that the above question is not always negative – you can use it in a positive way – and I would encourage you to use it in the positive way – because we all need to reflect at some point in life – well actually if you read many spiritual, self-healing, confidence books (both Islamic and non-Islamic literature) they will tell you to spend at least half an hour to an hour a night reflecting upon your day – what you achieved, what you did, whether you were productive with your time and day (I still encourage you to do this insha’Allah). So it is good to reflect and use this question – but when you’re down in the dumps – then it’s a no no!
You have a very important role to play in this world, dear sister, and Allah (swt) created you with a purpose. I break this purpose down to two points – first is to worship Him alone and do all that is righteous and good and abstain from all that is evil (you’ll have a blessed life in this world and attain the lofty stations Jannah in the akhira insha’Allah) and secondly is to make most of your time, day, resources, abilities and all that He (swt) blessed you with. I mean, just for a second, imagine if one of your senses was taken away, or you lost a limb in an accident – could you possibly continue the same way? (insha’Allah, with the will of Allah you can) but life will be different right? So, we have these abilities that Allah (swt) has blessed us with and we are more than capable of using them to do good in His way.
Right, sisters – lets gets creative with our thinking and productive with our lives!…
To achieve our ultimate purpose in this life – bearing in mind what I’ve said above and the fact that we always, daily, make a dua to Allah asking….‘grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter’ (Surah Baqrah) – I’ve come up with an equation – which you’ll all need to write down and keep close by you and work on it daily – insha’Allah. Time to get interacrive...
· The Equation:

To achieve your purpose in life, follow this simple equation insha’Allah.

Purpose of Life = Inspiration + Goal x Productivity
Got it? Cool! Write it down now, and let me give you an explanation about this equation.

· Explanation:

a) Inspiration: read the Qur’an, the Seerah of our Prophet (pbuh), stories of all our pious predecessors as well as those throughout Islamic history (such as Spain, or scientists, jurists etc) and reflect upon their lives – why did they do what they did? How did they achieve it with such few resources? What was the secret of their productive lives? The more you read about them, the more closer you will feel towards them and it will also bring you closer to your Rab. This inspiration won’t go away after you put the book down – because you will reflect upon it and then you will scan your own life and then you will, insha’Allah, come to realize that if they achieved so much with so little – then subhan’Allah what you can achieve is so much more!
b) Goal: ok, so now you’ve been inspired by what you have read – don’t lose focus now – quickly grab that notebook (you should all have a small notebook for your eureka moments, if you haven’t – then first opportunity you get – buy it) and start writing! Have a good talk with yourself and see what goals you want to aim for or are already working on and how you can achieve them. I’ll give you three examples you can choose from (and sisters if you don’t find yourself in any of these examples – don’t worry, please use the goals you are working on/want to be working towards) these are; i) studies, ii) work, and iii) marriage. In each of these areas identify what you need to do to excel in them or achieve them. Ok, so studies – you’ve just finished a set of studies – do you need to or want to study further? At which institution? How will you contact these institutions? etc. Again, with marriage and work – you need to identify how to achieve these – I mean you have to job search to find a job, right and you need to let you family and friends know that you’re looking to get married to get the ball rolling. Find your goal; make them realistic – time you will need to achieve them etc.
c) Productivity: now it’s time to get productive. So you’re looking for a job – where are you going to apply? How will you use the resources you have – i.e. online job search, getting the newspaper, sending out emails to your family and friends. Each goal that you choose (and I suggest you work through one first, have that all planned out and then move on to your next goal) have a step-by-step guide for yourselves and each one of you knows how best you work – and work towards achieving your goals, and use all the necessary tools and resources available to you. You may fall on the way, or need to redefine your goal – but don’t worry – that’s natural and that’s the way we learn. But keep at it and work at it!
d) Purpose of Life: once you have followed this equation you will insha’Allah achieve your goal(s) and you will find the purpose to your lives. Keep at it and don’t give up – because we NEVER give up! (And trust me – I’ve been there, done that!)

Don’t forget that your first and foremost important goal in life is living by Allah’s will and doing good, worshipping Him and being pious Muslimah’s. Then, since you have been sent to this duniyah, you have to be productive in all areas of your life – the beauty of Islam – productive not only in your family lives, but work, studies, social, community, local and global.

I leave you with this – next time you’re feeling low, don’t ask yourselves ‘What’s my purpose?’, but rather say, ‘I Know My Purpose!’. Once you say this then you’re no longer in the low low, and your back up on the way to success!

BONUS: famous Dua (supplication) that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) used to say at times of anxiety or sorrow. The dua is:

‘O Allaah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being over powered by men.’ And Allah (swt) is most Merciful!