Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Your Ramadan 2013

How is YOUR Ramadan 2013?

I Pray it's a Blessed one.

I want to help YOU Create YOUR best Ramadan 2013 insha'Allah.

Watch this video right now :)


Friday, 19 July 2013

RamadanPrep Telesumit 2013

I'm hosting this telesumit - so sign up and join me right now - its FREE!!

Here's the link ---> RamadanPrep Telesumit 2013 <--- font="">

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ramadan Mabrook!

(Image courtesy of www.islamic-paradise.com/)

"O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaq├╗n (God-Conscious)" {Qur'an; 2:183}

Ramadan Mabrook!

May this month of mercy be full of goodness, forgiveness and lots of blessings.

Here's a *FREE* gift for YOU and ALL your loved ones from my other biz 'We Be Inspired'.

It's your ultimate Ramadan eBook. Grab your *FREE* copy, share it with your loved ones and I pray you benefit from it insha'Allah.

---> Last 10 Inspirations <--- font="">

I still haven't decided this years Ramadan theme for turBo flow. I've done daily reminders twice and really wanted to do a daily cartoon this year. I will work on the idea and see what I come up with insha'Allah. Need your duas and your feedback.

Also - next week I will be launching turBo flow's very first eBook called; 'turBo flows Ramadan Rocks: 30 Days 30 Themes'.

Basically it is taken from the previous two years and I will put it into a pretty turBo flow style eBook and you'll be able to read it daily in Ramadan and beyond insha'Allah.

Once again, please keep me in your duas so I can bring you lots of goodness here insha'Allah :)

Speak soon! :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Create your own Dream Team!

One of the injustices we can do to ourselves is not believing in ourselves and just always listening to others. And others may not always be our best supporters (even if we think they should!).

But, are we the best supporters for our loved ones who have dreams and goals they want to achieve? Hmm.

It's the first day of July - 6 months of this year 2013 already gone. Now is the time to have a quick look at those goals you set for the year. be realistic. Things happen. They are supposed to happen. I've completed some and some I am restarting this month (my studies - after a year break!).

We are a working progress. Let this be a reflection moment and let this be a trigger to get us focused again and back on track insha'Allah. 

Now would be a good time to look at our goals and achievements so far. 

Remember though, each moment is our only real moment - this moment is all we have and this moment could be the moment you decide to make some positive changes in your life!

Always keep the end in mind - Jannah al-Firdaus.

Do something phenomenonally awesome right now. Start up your very own 'Dream Team' and become part of someone's dream team!

In this dream team you have your supporters, mentors and coaches. And you would be the same in someone else's dream team.

We all need A* players in our world - on our side. God created us social beings and it is in social settings we thrive and excel.

This dream team will be there to support you through all your ups and downs and will encourage you to excel.

What you think?

Go on, start your dream team right now.

In fact, *idea* - shall we start our very own 'turBo flow Dream Team?' 

We could have a weekly hangout session right here on the blog and we could encourage each other.

What you think? Comment below and let me know so i can set it up via this blog insha'Allah!

Yay! Happy July - oh AND it's Ramadan month - lots to get excited about! :D