Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eid-ul-Fitr 1432/2011 Mabrook!

Salaamz and Peace to One and All

On behalf of me Nadia and the turBo flow blog have a Rocktastic and scrumdidliuptious Eid-ul-Fitr 1432/2011.

Eid is about feasting - not fasting - so indulge and enjoy in the blessings of your Lord.

However make a prayer/dua for the less fortunate and those who are suffering and continue to give sadaqah/charity to help alleviate their suffering insha'Allah!

Taqabal Allahu mina wa minku...

Friday, 26 August 2011

Last 10 Inspirations

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Rights of Nature

The Green Deen
...“It is He Who sends down water (rain) from the sky, and with it we bring forth vegetation of all kinds, and out of it We bring forth green stalks, from which We bring forth thick clustered grain.” Al-An’am
Following from yesterdays post where we looked at the 'Rights of Animals in Islam - today our theme is about 'Nature' and all the green stuff Allah (swt) has created - the Rights of Nature.

Our deen - Islam - is holistic and teaches us about everything - how to look after and care for everything.

Allah (swt) did not create anything in vain or for no reason. If we don't have sun, day, night, food, water etc - we won't be able to live. Allah (swt) has created everything for a reason - and it all helps our existence here on the planet.
We need to look after our greenery - look after and preserve the rain forests, trees, vegetation's, plantations etc.
How can you start straight away? With your own Garden!

I've always loved greenery and love nature. I'm getting back into it and will be doing some all important gardening stuff with mama (OK, well I was supposed to do all the veggie planting two months ago - but got busy - I shall now always make it a priority!)...(see 'Gardening Part 1 post below).

If you don't have a garden - keep some plants in the house - my house is full of indoor plants - its an indoor amazon rain forest!

Join a green-reservation org - join local park reservation project, plant and grow your own.

We need to look after our greenery because Allah will question us about it. We all need to get started right away. So go on, off you go, female or male, go buy an indoor/outdoor plants, mow the lawn, un-weed the weeds - go get green-fingered today and remember the ayah above insha'Allah.

..."and he it is who spread the earth and made in it firm mountains and rivers, and of all fruits he has made in it two kinds; he makes the night cover the day; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect." Surah 13; Verse 3

Allah (swt) always asks us to reflect - because by reflecting we see His beauty and perfection and we draw closer to Him and our ibaadah is strengthen - everything is aligned and our souls is at ease and peace.

..."then eat of all the fruits and walk in the ways of your lord submissively. there comes forth from within it a beverage of many colors, in which there is healing for men; most surely there is a sign in this (life of bees) for a people who reflect." Surah 16; Verse 69

...that picture is from my local park - its gorgeous masha'Allah (:

Monday, 22 August 2011

Islam and Animal Rights

...The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "A woman was punished (by God) because of a cat. She had not provided (the cat) with food or drink, nor had she set it free so that it might eat the insects of the earth." Sahih Muslim, Hadith 1047

...The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "While a man was walking along a road, he became very thirsty. He came to a well, got down into it, drank, and climbed out again. He then saw a dog panting and licking mud because of severe thirst. The man said to himself, 'This dog is suffering from the same state of thirst I did.' So he went down the well (again), filled his shoe (with water), held it in his mouth (as he climbed out), and gave the water to the dog. God thanked him for that deed and forgave him (his sins)." The people then asked the Prophet: "Is there a reward for us in serving animals?" He replied: "(Yes), there is a reward for serving any (living being)." Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Hadith 38

Today its all about animals. Whether you like or dislike them - they are living amongst us and as Muslims we have a duty towards them. In this month of Ramadan when charity appeals are dedicated to alleviating sufferings of humans - why not donate some money to charity for animals. Who is going to look after them?

I strongly believe that our Muslim Ummah have neglected animals - just look at all your Islamic Channels - no one is doing appeals for animals - not during Ramadan and not after!

Now scroll back up and ponder and reflect on the two ahaadith and then ask - do animals have no rights? Don't they deserve my sadaqah and charity this month?

Maybe if we pay more heed to animals and their rights then Allah will put barakah in our money and help those in need and they will actually be out of poverty - its 2011 - yet we still can't manage to alleviate the suffering of the masses!

We Muslims need to reflect and ponder and learn lessons from the Sunnah.

I'm thinking of starting another blog - dedicated to animals and saving endangered animals and species which are suffering extinction. Maybe even start an organisation completely dedicated to animals and their rights. I love animals - I can bear to see them suffering - and what hurts more is the lack of awareness amongst Muslims! (Ofcourse it doesn't apply to all of you - I know some of you are doing your bestest in your own way) - but we need to do more insha'Allah!

That's a picture of my baby, Mano - she's 13 years old - well in human years - give a cuddle to your pet animal from me! (:

Monday, 15 August 2011

Our Talk is Cheap - Our Ibaadah is Weak!

...to God we Call Out yet our Souls we Sell Out. Mercy is Raining - but we're letting it wash away - no blessings gaining - in vain - because in fear and despair daily we're drowning - looking at each other and frowning - consumed in pain going insane - seriously though - that's just so lame.

Not all is lost - just liek the wintry frost - a season that comes and goes - remain focused on your goal - fill your bowl up with a daily portion of hope - keep away the deadly toxins and dope - hold on tight to that rope!

Which rope? The one of hope - leading back to the Divine - our Creator and Master - this life is going faster and faster - hold on tight and don't give in to your nafsi fight - take a flight and reach higher heights - that which will set your soul free and lead you to your divine decree.

Reach for the stars - that's your destiny - don't be fooled by evil - his place is behind bars - yours is high above with the stars.

One Life, One Chance, One Vision - live a life devoted to God and forget those divisions as in the end we stand together to be judged - this world is temporary - so your actions don't misjudge.

We are all one and come from the One - defend humanity - no insanity or profanity - but lead by example and learn the lessons from the Deen - step up on to the scene and invite all back to the this beautiful way - don't be mean and don't fall stray - let them be that way - just say your salaam and walk away!

Don't let our talk be cheap and let's strengthen our ibaadah so its becomes more stronger and not weak.

We have lots to learn - on a daily - let's fixup now so nothing but goodness we earn. If we fall short - its all good - get back up and let's turn - back to our Creator - the One and Only - this life is a gift - treat it with respect - don't pretend to be holy - it won't help us - as we shall all soon return to the One and Only! ©

Monday, 8 August 2011

Keep Strong...

...Because Allah is always with you - protecting you - so pledge you're allegiance to Him (swt)!

Just because the devils are chained during the month of Ramadan - doesn't mean our kareen is locked up! He's still whispering away. And he whispers so much that, if we end up listening to him - and on a continuous basis - then it becomes part of us - we start accepting it as for real and start acting upon it - and soon we mess up our soul so much that we start becoming evil and acting evil - in all our ways!

Now is the time - Ramadan - a spiritual uplifting time - to reconnect with Allah (swt), to fix up our ibaadah, to plan for our lives - here and akhirah, get those troubles shooted and ourselves back on track!

Make sure that when the devil returns you're strong enough to stand up to him - because you pledge allegiance to Allah!

I will leave you with this following note that my friend shared on her facebook status. Feel free to share with all! And Happy Ramadaning! (:

"...God doesn't have a Blackberry or an iPhone, but He is my favourite contact. He doesn't have Facebook, but He is my best friend. He doesn't have Twitter, but I follow Him, and He doesn't have internet, but I am connected to Him. And even if He has a great communication service, his customer service never puts me on hold. Copy and paste this as your status if you think GOD is GREAT..."

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ramadan 2011: 30 Days 30 Themes

...Every year in Ramadan (well, since the last three years) I've put up something for Ramadan on my status on facebook - to inspire everyone - and to interact.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual upliftment and change - positive change.

This years inspiration came with; 'R2011: 30 Days 30 Themes'!

At Fajr time every Ramadan I will be (and have been) posting a theme. Its short sweet and to the point - and am inviting all my facebook buddies to participate.

Since not all of you are on social media sites (many hate facebook!) I've decided to keep you involved and interacted also.

On the right hand side, at the top, there are some sections; 'home, about, projects, cartoons' and below that there is a section called; 'Ramadan 2011...'.

I will be posting the status updates and comments I put on my facebook profile in this section here. So pop by every day and be inspired by the themes.

6 days are already up! So go on, click on that section and get inspiring and creating positive changes for your self and loved ones.

Please share this blog with all your loved ones who are not on facebook or who are on facebook and not on my friends list and I hope that you all benefit - I'm learning lots too!

Happy Ramadaning! (:

Monday, 1 August 2011

Ramadan Mabrook 2011 :)


Our 'Guest' is here for the next 30 Days! Will you make this the bestest Ramadan yet?

To each and everyone of YOU across the Globe - Ramadan Mabrook!

May each day be filled with intense ibaadah, productivity and peace - and may ALL your duas be answered - both for this world and the next - ameen!

Remember to make dua for all those suffering across the globe - both our Muslim sisters and brothers and those in humanity and all the animals.

Stay right here on turBo flow blog as lots is coming up this month insha'Allah! (: