Monday, 27 September 2010

Kara BookClub's all happening on Facebook - so if you have an account then join the Book club! :)

Initiated by yours truly *ahem* its a book club where we shall read books and then discuss them with the group.

I love reading and want to read more - I missed out on alot of great titles (from bios to the real deal) when I was younger because the titles I was choosing - although best sellers and fantastic - were more of an escape for me from reality.

I'm a late bloomer - but I have blossomed - hamdullilah. So now catching up on all the missed reading!

Paulo Coelho is our author at the moment and the book 'Like Flowing Rivers'.

If you've read his titles then feel free to drop a message!

Enjoy your week ahead, hope it's full of productivity, learn lots, apply it in your lives and then pass it on and most of all - pay a visit to your local library, grab a book, cup of hot choc, tea, coffee, some cookies....and enjoy....

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Allah's Many Blessings...

...So Which of Your Lords favours Will YOU Deny? (Surah Rahman of the Holy Qur'an).

A colleague friend that I have recently been working with on some media projects lost his parents at a very young age - in his teens!

We're about the same age, both youngest in our families and it hit home - real hard!

Could I bare the loss of my mum and dad? Could I have handled it at such a young age?

Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we return...

From amongst Allah's many blessings is our parents - for without them we wouldn't be here. Our mother who carries us and protects us for nine months and then gives birth to us...our father who works day and night to feed us...and both of them nurturing us to be who we are today.

If you have parents - give them a hug, give them a kiss, tell them how much they mean to you and spend some time with them.

If your parents soul has returned to its rightful owner then may their souls rest in peace and may you ALL be united with your parents in Jannah al-Firdaus - ameen!

Allah (swt) has blessed us immensely - let's thank Him for all these blessings....

Monday, 13 September 2010


To be Resolute and Firm that you will do what you say you will do (please people, the good stuff, the good stuff!).

So another Ramadan has ended - Ramadan 1431 - and who knows if we shall be here to see another - *say a prayer - please God another Ramadan, please!* and again we have made some 'resolutions' - BUT, the million dollar question is, will we stick to our resolutions?

And the answer is - Ofcourse WE WILL!!! :)

Ramadan is a perfect time to make new resolutions (yeah, and you thought we should make resolutions for New Year!) - but we should always spend at least 10 minutes at the end of each day to review our day - what did we accomplish? Did we achieve our goals, What can we do better or instead?

Something to take note of - Goals which are written down are more realistic than those which stay in our head and we need to start dreaming more with our eyes open - are you ready to dream and achieve the life you always wanted? :)

God helps those who help themselves - and it is high time we did help ourselves - because Allah (swt) made us the best of all Creations - He (swt) gave us Aql - intellect - and the freedom of choice.

We won't discuss the concept of Qadr (Will) here as it is a deep subject - next time maybe (remind me!) insha'Allah.

We can live the life we want to, be happy, achieve all our dreams and goals - so are we willing to make it?

Write down your goals - choose a couple to start off with so you can get into the flow insha'Allah - and write down why you want to achieve it, what it means to you, when you want to achieve it by and how you will achieve it.

You can have the most giaganticist goal you want - but the key is to write it down, then start breaking it down to manageable chunks - what you aim to achieve this week, next week and by the end of the month.

Your resolutions could be to stop a bad habit - let's say smoking - because smoking is not only a bad habit, it's a very expensive habit, and hey it really does not make you look cool at all!!!

Again write it down and stick it where you can see it - highlight it - and then put down all the things you will do to try and stop - such as attending some stop smoking workshops etc.

The key to achieving happiness in life and attaining the highest of Jannah is to follow the Commands of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) who is the best of all examples and to be positive, surround yourself with positivity, read positivity and live it!!!

If you haven't already then quick grab your 'Thought Book' and get writing and start achieving!

And remember - stay Resolute!!! :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Mercy Mission: Pure Matrimony

...Not found him or her yet? Tried everything? Given up? Well fear nada - as Mercy Mission is back with another fantastic project - Pure Matrimony!

Check out the Vid and sign up at the website to find your soul mate!

Mercy Mission - helping ourselves to help others! from Shot & Chopped Productions on Vimeo.

Mercy Mission: National Zakat Foundation

...Mercy Mission - helping ourselves to help others! And please remember - there are many people here in the UK who need our help and our Zakah is obligatory for them! Please check out the Vid and visit the website!

Mercy Mission - National Zakat Fund from Shot & Chopped Productions on Vimeo.