Friday, 25 September 2009

Understanding the Prophet's Life - Cruel Jokes!

One day the Prophet, peace be upon him, was on a journey with his Companions. Each one of the Companions had with him his belongings including weapons, sleeping mats and food. They stopped over at a place and a man amongst them fell asleep. His friend turned to a rope he had and took it jokingly. When the man woke up and found the rope missing from his belongings, he was terrified and began looking for it. Thereupon the Prophet said, "It is not allowed for a Muslim to frighten another Muslim." (Abu Dawud)
Similar is the case with someone who jokes with you thinking that you will be happy, whereas in reality, he only harms you, or even worse, fills your heart with fright and anxiety. For instance, he notices that you have just parked your car outside a grocery with the engine running, so he comes and drives off in your car, causing you to think that your car has been stolen - obviously as a joke. The one on the receiving end of such jokes may respond courteously and may even laugh at the joke, but the fact remains that the joke was still cruel.
Compiled From:"Enjoy Your Life"- Muhammad 'Abd Al-Rahaman Al-"Arifi, pp. 399, 400

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Character Assassinations - Beware of these Assassins!!!

They are on the increase - you can find them almost anywhere - i mean anywhere! Just turn the corner, and there! ready to make their move! They are on the increase - i warn you! Across the globe this phenomenon is increasing - in masses - not like, you know, one or two - but a mass movement!

Beware of these Assassins!

OK, so who am i talking about and what is this new mass movement and should you be worried?! Well yes YOU should be worried! In fact we should all be alert - because anyone can fall victim to these assassins - I did!
Who are they? Usually someone know you - close friends, family and relatives. Could also be colleagues - could be YOU!
Listen Up! - Its not like your usual assassination - well i wasn't going to blog about politicians being assassinated - you have the media for that - I'm a blogger!
Character Assassination (and yes this term actually exists - google it) - is the act of tarnishing someones reputation through verbal abuse, slander, vicious and malicious lies. Sometimes it happens because of a misunderstanding - like gossip or heresay. But sometimes it happens because some people have evil intent - and they are feeding the evil of their own nafs (souls).
Judging someones character is wrong - morally and religiously (see any religious text) and if someone has a point to make then bring forth evidence. Also if we want to give nasiha to someone - advise - the best practise is to do it in private.
I am blogging about this because as i said above it is something i personally went through earlier this year (no I'm not looking for sympathy of any sort - far from it - I'm doing my duty in making you aware of certain evils out there) and its extremely painful - especially when it comes from someone very close to you.
If there has been a misunderstanding - then talk about it, discuss it, do it in a proper manner with proper etiquette's - not just jump in the deep end and start accusing and judging their character.
That is very wrong - the religion of Islam does not allow such assassinations - well in fact it doesn't allow assassinations full stop!
The tongue is a very powerful tool - it can make or break - and it can cut deep - leaving wounds which may never heal again.
Not everyone in this world has the support i have - i am truly blessed - not everyone is confident enough to shine through - pick oneself up, reflect and become stronger. We are all different. Just imagine - when we say 'you look beautiful today' - the smile on that persons face - they are instantly uplifted - and if we say 'you look so ugly' - it can instantly send someone straight to the dumps and yes those were just basic daily examples - you can think of your own (I'm sure you all have many examples to add).
Our mission on this planet is not to hurt anyone - we are created to worship the Creator - do good and spread good. Don't forget your biggest enemy - the one who has vowed to lead us astray - all he has to do is whisper - and we can slip...
Character Assassination - its on the increase! Please be aware of it and protect yourselves. And if you fall prey to these assassins then remember 'truly to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return' - these assassins will have to account for their actions and words. To tarnish someones reputation and slander them is a big sin - to hurt your brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity is a sin - you don't look cool and that! You look plain nasty!
If you have been a victim then fear not there is hope - you will get through it - you will be OK - call on your Lord and He is there for you!
If you're a character assassin and this has become your new full time job - then beware of the fire - whose fuel is men and stones - beware of the Day when you will also be judged and your character will be displayed in front of the whole mankind! (the Day when we all want our bad deeds to be hidden!) Change your ways - there is still time - don't become a blind follower of the devil - he's not your friend - his only mission is to lead you to the fire of hell...
Beware of these Assassins!....

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration & Eid ul Fitr 09 (1430 AH) Mabrook!

So like for the last 10 days of ramadhan i decided to update my facebook status with some inspiration - something for now and the year to come. I am posting those status updates here so you can all benefit from them insha'Allah!
Also Eid Mabrook - have a brilliant day and may Allah (swt) accept all our fasts, ibaadah duas and forgiveness and He (swt) blesses us all with another Month of Mercy insha'Allah - ameen!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 1: The Power n Beauty of Dua! Make Dua For Yourself, Your Fams n The Entire Ummah n Then See n Feel The Results! (duas for me too!)
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 2: Become A Productive Muslim n Muslimah, Now n Beyond. Strive Hard n Work On Spreading Allah's Deen. At Home n In The Community!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 3: 'IQRA - And Your Lord Is The Most Generous!' Qur'an - study, reflect n implement! (see previous blog post)
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 4: Dhikr - Remembrance! Keep The Tongue Moist With The Remembrance of Allah - Now n Beyond.
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 5: It'ikaaf - Seclusion With One's Beloved. If You Can't, Then Qiyam Ul Layl. Its Something Very Special Indeed...
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 6: Don't Forget Charity Donations To The Poor n Needy. Start Now n Continue This Throughout The Year. Even A Smile Is Charity!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 7: PLAN For Your Duniya n Akhira. Work Hard For Your Plans, Implement Them n Make Them Succeed! But Allah Is The Best Of All Planners!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 8: Don't Forget The Little Ones In Your Families. Get Them Involved - Start At A Young Age n Show Them The Straight Path n The Light.
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 9: Be In This World As Is You Are A Traveller. You Are Not Here Forever, You Are Just Passing Bye. N With Each Day Do Good n Good.
There would have been 10 - but this year the moon has been sighted on the 29th day of the month - so no 30 fasts but eid together (almost everyone around the globe started their fast together and are celebrating eid together - theirs still good in the Ummah!)
But hey! I've got a bonus inspiration random status update gem for you and it is...
Bonus Inspirational Gem: need to be creative and ready to take risks! Believe in yourself, have faith and hope and put your trust in the Divine. If your intentions are pure, you will succeed!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Listen Back to Be Inspired!

So finally we've got it - thanks to management and techs at Unity FM, you can now listen back to the Be Inspired show for ramadhan!

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Send some feedback as tomorrow (Saturday 19th Sept 2k9 - Live: 12 til 2pm) will be the last show - will be taking a break, but if you want the team to return then just hollah!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

A metonymic adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy. This proverb can have a different meaning to whomsoever reads it. It is a powerful proverb!
It has a lot of meaning for me - i came upon this proverb when i was very young (yes, I'm kinda old!) and has been with me since.
For me this proverb gives a lot of hope - hope for our world. A world which is plagued by wars, injustice and evil. Well, ofcourse, not everyone - but pick up a newspaper or switch on the news channel and what do you see? Exactly! Mostly its negative and depressing.
Many people across the globe have abandoned the power of the 'Word' - spoken and written and have resorted to violence - via means which kill - not just cause a few injuries - but actually kill!
However, many situations and issues in our world could have been and still can be resolved via written and spoken word - the Pen!
Allah (swt) says in the Qur'an in Surah Rahman verse 4 "He taught him eloquent speech". This eloquence is a blessing - a gift - and with it it can win many hearts - it can draw a heart closer to its Creator and give hope to those who have lost hope. This eloquence can also be transferred on to paper and invite people to good - explain situations to people - give examples and again ignite the light of hope in hearts which have become cold and dark.
The Prophet (pbuh) of Islam wrote letters to Kings and Rulers of different countries inviting them to the True Message and worship of One God. Although he was unlettered (could not read or write) he was inspired by the Divine in his speech and he had companions who were learned and could read and write. They wrote and his eloquence flowed on paper - and touched many a heart which was guided to the right - to their Lord.
Do not resort to violence - of any sort! That is what the proverb is saying to me. It is also saying that through the pen you can do so so much good. You can write inspiring articles, debates (with evidences) and discuss ideas. Honestly, where would we be without the pen? Its not just ink!
I love writing - online and offline. I love my pens and pencils and love buying them. I could use this blog to promote violence, hatred, evil and lewd talk (which is not me at all anyway!) and in return what would happen? Exactly - violence - which would be typed here. Or I could be a journalist and again people could write in - pen to paper - with their hatred - or if it was an inspiring piece then they could put pen to paper and write something positive.
Every action has a reaction and the pen can either make or break. It can either leave you inspired and pondering - or it can resort to violence.
Read through history books - and don't be fooled by wars of the past - read about their reasoning and when and where and how it was/is permissible to engage in 'war-fare' - not merrily 'such and such a community is violent or promotes violence'.
The Pen has proven its worth in the past and it still has a lot to write today and beyond - so use it and forget the sword - for once your dead - well your dead aren't you! Case closed!
Its not too late - pick up the pen and write! (good and positive that is!) :)
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

IQRA - And Your Lord Is The Most Generous!

The very first word of the Qur'an is 'READ'! It didn't start with anything else - like 'prayers', 'charity' or even 'family life' - which is what we are all preoccupied with in our lives today - but it was READ! And who was it revealed to? Not a great scholar of his time, not a scientist, not a king or ruler of his land - but to an unlettered man - who went on to become the greatest man to ever have walked on our planet - he was the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) the mercy to all of mankind, the Prophet of Islam.
READ! Its a powerful word! Just take a minute - (just one) and reflect on this word - deeply....
Done? Ok.
What are you all doing right now? Reading this blog entry. Who taught us to read and how did we learn to read? Seems like a lifetime ago right? - because it comes to us naturally. But, once upon a time we all went through a process - to learn to Read - and once we mastered it - we became whole - complete humans. We were able to pick up any book and just read it - the words flowed on the paper and we could understand them.
Where would you and I be today if we couldn't read - lost? Looking for answers? Wasting our lives and searching for the purpose of our lives?
Read! And Your Lord Is The Most Generous! (Surah Alaq 96: 3)
For truly Allah (swt) is the Most Generous! He created us and knew what we would need to survive and how to fulfil our aim and purpose in this world.
By reading men and women have contributed to society, to the world and made many discoveries and scientific/medical/social/political advances.
There is a purpose for everything - and surely there was a purpose to 'Read, and your Lord is the most Generous!'
Allah (swt) blessed us with the ability to read - so we can read His words, the Qur'an - understand them and implement its teachings in our lives.
But did you know that there are many many people in this world who can't read? Young children in developing countries who have never even seen a book?
So we ask ourselves - are we actually fulfilling our obligations? If READ was the first word - and Allah (swt) wanted us to become the best of people - to discover hidden treasures - to made medical, scientific advances - which help humanity - then what are we doing in return to help humanity? Just because you and I went to school - doesn't mean everyone is this world has this opportunity. If people can't read then how will they understand Allah's words and do as He commands?
IQRA - And Your Lord Is The Most Generous! We need to re-read this word, understand it and take action. We need to help those who can't read the Qur'an to read it - and help them understand Allah's words and His Beauty. We need to help the children around the world to read - and just before doing that - we need to help our own children in our own families - help them to read - to understand - to implement - to appreciate - and fulfil our duty at home - then we need to get-together - maybe all of us reading this and set up a national and international 'Reading Foundation' - where we travel up and down our countries to help children read and travel to developing countries and countries suffering from wars - to help those children to read.
Allah (swt) is the most Generous and He has blessed us with this gift - the gift of reading - so lets share this gift and give it to those less fortunate than ourselves. Islam is seen by some as barbaric, a terrorist religion, who oppresses its women and girls - and you know there are many who will use the name of Islam to oppress our women and children - but we need to teach them - teach them the first words which were taught to out Prophet (pbuh) - Read! And maybe we can change their hearts - maybe they can't read so don't realise the Beauty of Allah (swt) and His religion - so it is our collective duty to help people to Read.
The Month of Ramadhan is the Month of the Qur'an - we read it, reflect upon its meaning, study it, promise to implement its teachings in our lives.
Just pick up your copy of the Qur'an - open it - start to Read it - can't read no just can' try....but the words are alien to you and meaningless...and those tears role down your cheeks...but you can't do nothing - because the gift of reading that was blessed upon you has...gone...taken back by...the rightful Owner...
Is this what we want?...
This is how children and people around the world feel - those who can't read...and guess what? We've been keeping this gift to ourselves and haven't shared it with others - who just like you and me - what to open their copy of the Qur'an and read the words of Allah - the Mot Gracious, the Most Merciful...
Ramadhan 09 is drawing to an end - after reading this blog entry - what will one of your goals be for the next year?
There's still hope! Lets give a gift to someone this ramadhan - a gift for a lifetime - the gift of reading the Qur'an...
IQRA - And Your Lord Is The Most Generous....

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Mercy, Forgivness and Salvation from Hell-Fire: The 3 Parts to Ramadhan...

Hows ramadhan going for you all? Good? Excellent! Not so good for some of you? Fear Not! we've still got time - and time we need to get in all our extra prayers, recitations, charitable acts.
Ramadhan is a month of mercy, a month full of blessings, a month wherein we can get closer to our Creator and His Book and it is also a month of self-reflection - which I've been doing alot also - and a reminder to oneself - what is the purpose of my existence, where am i going in life, am i achieving to the best of my abilities - what can i change about myself - all this is part of self reflection and something we should all do continuously - but in ramadhan we can make it a special self-reflection - like a promise - to do better and leave out all the wrong we may do...forever...
Ramadhan is broken down into three parts - 10 days in 3 parts. The first 10 days are of mercy, followed by 10 days of forgiveness and then the last 10 which are asking Allah to save us from the fire of hell - whose fuels is men and stone - and is something which each and everyone of us would like to save ourselves from...for truly we all want to be in the highest stations of paradise!
The last 10 nights are even more special - the Qur'an was revealed on the Night of Power -which is better than a thousand months - and we need to get extra strong in our worship and prayers - we need to find the night of power - as it falls on one of the odd nights in the last 10 days. Many people also observe itikaaf - seclusion for 10 nights - to worship and become closer to their Beloved - Allah. I have also been blessed with itikaaf twice - so peeps - if you can, go for it - i can't explain my experience in words - but if you do go for it then please remember me and my family in your duas...
Also - don't forget the power of dua - supplication - increase in your duas and make a list of your special duas - the things that you really want in this life and the next and then focus on these duas - and constantly ask for these - they will surely fall on one of the odd nights and they will surely be answered (a tip from the Scholars - may Allah preserve them all - ameen!)...
Ramadhan only comes once a year - who knows if we'll make it to the end and celebrate Eid - and who except Allah knows if we'll see another ramadhan? So lets make a promise together - you and I that we will increase our ibaadah now and get into full turBo flow - the beauty of ramadhan - the mercy of our Lord....