Monday, 26 July 2010


Have you ever looked out your bedroom window at night and stared at the starry night?

Have you ever been out in the open - fields or something - and looked up at the night sky - full moon and lots and lots of stars?

Beautiful isn't it? :)

The wonders of Creation - 'So which of your Lord's Favours will YOU deny?' (Surah Rahman of the Holy Qur'an) - all praise to the Creator!

The Qur'an talks about the night sky, about the sun, the moon and about day and night - its an amazing Book - if you've never picked up and read the translation - I hope you do, as truly it will transform your entire existence!

Ive always been fascinated with the world of the unseen, space and the solar system - its just amazing!

So after years of wondering and pondering - Ive found an online beginners course, 'Astronomy' and will be enrolling onto it in October (alongside my niece!) - can't wait, seriously though - turBo is ecstatic! :D

Let me know (and all the blog followers) of your 'Astronomy' experiences (from studying a full university degree - to just simply opening your bedroom window and gazing at the night sky).

Monday, 12 July 2010

Viva La Espana - Campeones del Mundo!

...Felicitaciones Espana - Campeones del Europa y Mundo de futbol!

Si, turBo habla espanol bastante bien! ;)

Well I did say - 'may the best team win' and they did - so congrats to Spain for their fantastic achievement - they truly deserve it - and congrats to all the teams who made it to the qualifying stages of the World Cup and participated - they all played exceptionally well (except the English side - and I may be patriotic - but they played crap - simple!).

I enjoyed watching the World Cup with my familia - hope you all enjoyed it too! And, ofcourse, there is a lesson to learn and a moral of the story (there's always one - if we look hard enough we'll find it) - and the lesson is 'hard work, determination, persistence, perseverance, team work, passion and hope'!

Have a fantastic week peeps :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thirsty For More...

...Inspiration, Motivation and the company of Great Contemporary Achievers - turBo loves it! :)

You know in today's busy and crazy life - some people are so self-centred - I mean, it's OK to have 'Me Time' - and we need it, and in fact we should at least spend 10 minutes every night analysing our day and what we achieved, what happened, what we could improve - so continuous self development and self improvement - but to think that the entire world is against us and we shall think of only ourselves - now that is wrong and just makes one bitter!

There are many people in this world who have devoted their lives - firstly to bettering themselves (understanding the purpose of their life, creation, existence) making the most of their lives and giving back to the world - helping you and I and everyone in between achieve the life we want, we desire and truly fulfil the reason for our existence.

The following two dudes are more than inspirational and they are such motivational speakers that they are helping turBo in her quest and mission to inspire the universe (wait for business number 3 which I am piloting at the moment and due to launch on 1st November) it will be local, national and international - so hope to see you in a arena near you to inspire and motivate you - strictly turBo flow style (I will be using my real name lol).

So, here you go - if you haven't heard of these dudes then here's their website, have a visit and have a fantastic day! (many of you have already been inspired by them - but for those who haven't then today could be the change you envisage!) :)

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Absolutely FANTASTIC! And I'm going to further my studies in this area by applying for the Practitioner and Master Practitioner course - and what direction will I take? A Spiritual and Youth Coach - with NLP!

OK, no, I haven't suddenly lost the plot - well actually, I'm sure I have a few times in life - but hey, if I didn't then I wouldn't be uniquely me would I? :D

From my Life Coaching experience (see below for that post) I thought lets give NLP one more chance - because I believe in chances in life - and see, my first NLP experience was that bad that I didn't even blog about it! (trust me if I go into details - you will also be put off!) that I had almost given up - and this time round it was that good that I even picked up a book (you know turBo loves books!) 'Da Vinci and the 40 Answers' - have you read it? Brilliant isn't it? I've only read the back cover yet - lol.

You know I like sharing with you all. This course was once again funded (its about £400) and I got a scholarship for it - and so could YOU!

Want to change your life? Want to be a better and stronger and more productive you? Want NLP - well now you can! My weekend at NLP has not only landed me a 'Diploma' but full on support and inspirational tips - and you get to learn so so much that I'm applying them to all my businesses - all the techniques, ideas and games (yes, I did ask his permission - they are not copyright!).

So to get that Scholarship all you have to do is click on the website below and apply - and I totally totally recommend it and am so glad I attended - we even had someone who travelled all the way from Egypt for this course! Well...what you waiting for? Here's your chance to get the life YOU want! :)