Thursday, 30 July 2009

Human Rights UK egroup

Salaam n Peace to All -
Please join the new egroup, 'Human Rights UK' - its for all students, academics, lawyers, law firms, ngo's and those interested in this area - covering all issues, talks, seminars, conferences etc on human rights (law) in the uk (and beyond) so please join, post, invite others and benefit - you can register with your existing email address and new password - remember this egroup was created with YOU in mind!
A platform for all - to network, share and come together.
Thank You All!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hijaab - A Personal Choice and A Fundamental Human Right!

...what is a terrorist? who defines the word 'terror' - a dictionary or those in power? It seems as though everyone is becoming a terrorist these days - terrorising others! New trend eh? Instead of accepting and acknowledging differences - what happens? you get terrorised for being 'different' - actually hold up - let me rewind - you don't actually get terrorised (verbal abuse or physical abuse) you get killed - MURDERED!

This has happened recently - in the past week - in Europe - Germany. Dr Marwa al-sherbini, 32 year old, married with a 3 year old son and 3 months pregnant with her second baby, was an Egyptian who had sued her attacker after he had insulted her for wearing her headscarf - hijaab. She was stabbed 18 times in the courtroom where she went to give evidence against her attacker. The German police reacted - fired shots - no, not at her attacker - but her husband - who ran to defend his wife!

The whole world - from east to west is preaching HUMAN RIGHTS - protect this right, protect that right - legislation's and treaties are being passed here, there and everywhere - all in the name of protecting 'human rights' - but tell me, what about Dr Marwa's right? and her unborn baby? they weren't human? So she observed the religious headscarf - which made her different in her attackers eyes and he thought hey - lets just stab her to death - she's not a human with any rights!

Sickening - revolting and absolutely horrific!

Those very people who are preaching 'human rights' mantras are the ones who are violating it - and allowing it to happen!
After completing my masters in International Human Rights this year, I am not only saddened by this incident, but am truly wondering - what is all this human rights talk all about? Is it just selective? So now you have to belong to a certain group or have certain beliefs and thoughts - only then can you be seen as 'human' and have 'rights'.

Hijaab is a fundamental and integral part of a Muslim woman's life - she has made a choice to protect her modesty and observe the laws of God - its HER choice - and its MY choice - a proud 'hijaabi' who loves and respects everyone and their differences!

If someone is 'different' from you or holds 'different' beliefs - why not talk to them? Get to know them - and ask questions - see what its all about!

The world belongs to God - not man! To live in this world we all need to respect each other and get to know each other - you can't claim what aint yours!
She was a doctor, helping humanity - protecting humans and their rights - and her rights were taken away from her!

Marwa and her unborn - truly the first Muslim Martyr! Justice Will Be Done!
Hijaab is a personal choice and a Fundamental Human Right - its here to stay - and turBo says...'DEAL WITH IT!'

Monday, 6 July 2009

Lost Your Direction? Follow the Roadmap to Knowledge...

...we always hear the following; "Seek Knowledge from Cradle to Grave" - tell me, what will you do and how far will you go to seek knowledge? that which benefits you and grants you success in this world and grants you the highest stations of jannah in the akhira! - now i ask you again - tell me, how far will you go to gain jannah al-firdaus and to drink from the hands of Rasool Allah - to quench your thirst from the fountain of al-kauthar?...

Another excellent weekend course is coming YOUR way - lost your direction? having difficulty finding your way? you know that knowledge is here somewhere, or was it there? where??? hmmm, OK! what YOU need is a ROADMAP TO KNOWLEDGE!!! Enrol NOW! as places are LIMITED!

Alkauthar Institute is renowned for its weekend courses across the Globe - and this excellent course will be visiting Brum only ONCE - make a date in your diaries and find that time - it will be time worth investing!

Don't forget the course will provide you with your very own binder full of notes and a FREE audio for both days - and for all you mothers out there - a creche will be provided insha'Allah (please email for more info*. Come drink from the fountain of ALKAUTHAR - i did and i never looked back - one sip and you'll be addicted - halaal ofcourse! :)

Please forward to all contacts insha'Allah - as we've all needed a map to direct us atleaset once in our lives - this course can change your lives - and it will benefit immensely - don't just take my word for it brothers n sisters - come this weekend and experience Alkauthar Institute for yourselves!

* (Creche is subject to you bringing your own carer insha'Allah).