Friday, 30 December 2011

turBo flow Academy™

...Did YOU read that correctly?

Rubbing your eyes??

YES, YOU read it correctly!

After a successful 3 years of blogging and so much love and duas from YOU turBo flow is launching; 'turBo flow Academy - let your creative juices flow™' in January 2012!

I will be launching a sister blog with this one and what will we have? We will have online group workshops on how to get your creative juices flowing and how to make YOUR dreams a reality, insha'Allah.

I will also be delivering short 5min vids on the different creative techniques one can use via the 'TRIZ' principles.

I will also be showcasing your creative work on that blog and insha'Allah we can reach the Universe and get your talents recognised and appreciated, insha'Allah!


Me too!!!

Spread the word and I'll keep you posted!

(PS - due to major study/work and multiple biz commitments the workshops and vids will be once a month or once every two months - make a prayer please!)

Monday, 26 December 2011

What are YOU doing THIS Moment?

Here is an article I wrote all about 'Moments'

The original article is written for my 'We Be Inspired' weekly Wednesday blog.

Have YOU checked out my website yet? Here is the link

However please share this article with ALL your non-Muslim friends because they will truly benefit from it and YOU will also benefit!

Have a read and use all the social network buttons on the article page to share the article - Thank You! :)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

turBo flow Blog is 3 Years Old - Today!

...Yes, it's 3 years!!! turBo flow blog is 3 years old on 24th December!

Wow, you know something? I forgot!!! lol

I actually thought it was the 28th of December, but luckily I checked!

So, on this beautiful day I would like to say a big phat Jzkz/thanks for popping over and reading all these posts.

These posts are not specifically geared towards a specific genre - but basically what you read here is me - what I see, hear, feel and what really just makes me - my little world.

I'm so glad that YOU are a part of MY world because you make the land of turBo flow extremely beautiful - just by being YOU!

...and I'm honoured that YOU have chosen ME to entertain, inspire and motivate you

I'm humbled!

I Love You All - wherever you are in the Universe.

Today - it's OUR party - so dress up, bake a cake, get some presents, get your family/friends over and have a turBo flow Burfday Party!!!

Keep me in your duas, as you're all in mine!!

Love and Duas, Nadia Leona Yunis (Miz turBo flow)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Thank You :)

...Just a quick, short and sweet message to say 'Thank YOU' for being part of the turBo flow family!

YOU are special and precious and YOU mean a lot to me!

May Allah (swt) shower you with His Love, Forgiveness and Mercy - both in this world and the next, ameen!

Inspire and Be Inspired and please share these posts and this blog with ALL your loved ones!

...and keep me and my family in your duas please :)


Monday, 12 December 2011

Want to Connect with Allah?

...Do we stop and actually ponder on the verses of the Qur'an and how Allah (swt) is asking us to reflect and see His signs in the creations?

This video - about 40mins long - will renew your faith and you will see the world through emaan-fresh eyes.

We all need an emaan booster from time to time and THIS did it for me!

I know after watching this you'll never be the same again - but more firmer in your faith and devotion to your Creator Allah! :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Quantum Touch - Energy Healing

...I attended a weekend course called; 'Quantum Touch - Energy Healing'.

It's all about healing through energy - a hands on healing technique.

It's the first time in life I've ever attended such a course and it was amazing!

I learnt so much - my breathing techniques - how to focus - body awareness exercises.

I will be attending the course again - that's how much I loved it! lol

I'm still getting used to my new skill and that I'm on my way to becoming an 'Energy Healer' or I am an 'Energy Healer' - exactly, I'm still trying to get used to it all.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself - however if we suffer from an illness then the white blood cells rush to the affected area to help the healing process. There's not enough left for the rest of the body so this is where 'Quantum Touch - Energy Healing' comes into it.

You can read more about Quantum Touch here ---> and if you are in the UK then check out the next dates for London and Birmingham to attend the hands-on course.

Allah (swt) is the one who grants shifa and grants us the ability to use this skill to heal each other.

So, if you do have any aches and pains and need some 'Energy Healing' then drop me a line and I'll zap over some energy to you all - and Allah (swt) shall grant you shifa insha'Allah (yes, I've learnt 'distant healing' also).

I'm off to practice my new energy healing skill...

'Breathe in - hold - breath out'....