Saturday, 23 January 2010

Aafia Siddiqui - Where is the Justice?

...Imagine you're out one day with your family, enjoying the time together - imagine you're out on some missionary work, helping the worlds most underprivileged people - imagine you're in a lecture theatre telling the room full of students about the injustice in the world and how one day they can bring about some change - imagine being kidnapped, raped, beaten, tortured - imagine being a woman, disgraced, torn from her family, husband and children and imagine your children disappeared into thin air never to be seen again - ever!
She is known to many in the world as 'Prisoner #650' and she is standing trial for....well lets see now....being a law abiding citizen wrongly accused of having links with terrorists and plotting against the west?
Aafia Siddiqui - a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother - a Victim!
Who will be the Voice of the Voiceless??? And who will stand up for Justice - for Dr Aafia Siddiqui?
To read about her story and her trial and to help her please visit the following website which has been set up by her family at least pray for her and ask the Almighty to help her through never could be one of us next....
(Please join the egroup 'Human Rights UK' which I set up in the summer. Follow the link, join and invite others to join.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday Reminder Series - the Tongue!

So, a New Year, a New Decade and a New Friday Reminder - it's all about the tongue - so check it out and if you feel you have benefited and have been inspired then please pass it on to everyone you know!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bitterly Sweet - The Cadbury Chocolate Factory

11.5 Billion to take over the worlds most loved chocolate??? Are they serious - the buyers and the sellers?

Yes, i know, there has been alot of other worthy news stories I could have blogged about - but I chose the choco story - it's very close to my heart!
You all know about 'Roald Dahl' - you all read his books when you were little and you all know about 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - well the inspiration for that book came from Cadbury's Choc Factory and Roald Dahl said that that when he was little the chocolate factory used to ask young children (including him and his friends) to taste new chocolate products for them and to approve (how cool is that?!).
Cadbury's is very close to my heart because its origins are in Birmingham, UK - my home town - and i grew up on that chocolate - sweet, sweet memories!
But what really struck me today whilst watching the news was the takeover bid by Kraft's (who have a crap record of employee relations as well as closing down factories across the globe). OK, agreed - recession and the financial crisis - but can someone be really that desperate to buy a chocolate factory? (Maybe the CEO of Kraft's is really like Veruca or Violet from Roald Dahl's book) - clearly it is all about the money!
People are fearing for their jobs - as anyone would in this situation - and the government can't intervene (they gave up their rights in intervening in these issues last decade - knit wits!) and once again the so called 'Super Power' of the world has succeeded in taking over something oh so sweet and precious and have left us all with a bitter taste in our mouths!
I'm not against Americans or the American people - hey y'all are family dude! - I'm just not happy with the ones who are in such a powerful position to take over yet another Brit Pride! Its all about the money for some, eh?
What a bitter way to start the new decade!
I shall continue to enjoy my bars of Cadbury Chocolate - and honestly hope there are no job losses at the Bournville factory and hope Kraft's can keep to their promise!
We love you Cadbury - you shall forever remain in our hearts and stomachs!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Police Powers v Abuse of Powers

How do we feel - you and I - when those entrusted with the responsibility, authority and duty to protect us are the ones who end up abusing us? Whom then does one turn to? (The Lord!, I hear you all saying - and a fantastic answer - pat yourself on the back - we really are on the same page!) :-D

Police brutality (such a harsh word 'brutality', I know) isn't a new phenomenon in our societies - whichever one we are in (this blog has become global - so it could be happening where you are) - but has been going on for a long long time. Is it because man has been empowered with such a duty that he (she) feels obligated to exert his/her 'power' in whatever way 'to make them feel good or more powerful than you?' You know like a bully at school picking on someone younger - just because they are younger! Or is there something in their training? Are they conditioned into being the abusers rather than helpers? Is something sinister happening here? Hmm
I blog about this because almost a year ago there was an incident which affected me very deeply and left me scared for some time after. The police force and their job to protect us was something I valued and respected a lot (I'm from the legal background myself - so we're on the same team) and I know - just because there is one bad apple - we can't chop away the entire tree - because really it does bear good fruit! But - this incident did affect me and got me thinking more and more about all those across UK and ofcourse worldwide who get stopped daily by the police - 'stop and search' procedures as well as the whole terrorist incidents that we had - but again if you and I can say, 'it's just one bad apple' then why can't they? Yes, they have a job to do and they need to protect society and national security and all that - but really, honestly - there are some very nasty characters working for the police force!
Police have certain powers, to stop and search - if they suspect you of lets say drugs or terrorist behaviour or something - but randomly stopping every next person (actually every next person who looks like the dude who was last caught playing with things that he shouldn't have been - maybe it was a school science project?). They can also come to your house with a warrant - detailing the reason for the search etc - but honestly, after the incident that happened, I truly believe that they are abusing their powers - or what powers the law has given them. I said to one senior officer; 'I was born in this country (UK) and I work for the law and I respected the police force - up until today - for if I'm injured or hurt in anyway then the last number I would dial is 999'!
No one should ever feel the way i felt at that point - but hey I'm human and it hurt!
There is alot of 'Abuse of Powers' now! I mean, the last decade - because of all the terrorist attacks - the amount of police brutality has increased and continues to increase. More of the local areas are policed - and I feel that again it is to show the communities, 'look who is more powerful'.
All of us at some point are given some 'powers' - authority over something. It is a duty to uphold it to the best of our abilities - to succeed at what we are doing - BUT not to abuse those powers!
Ultimately there is only One power that is mightier than any human authority on planet earth - and doh! who gave man the ability to act in a powerful way anyway? We all know what Pharaoh said and we all know what happened to him!
All i can say, on a positive note is, believe in the one who created you (depends on your beliefs) and as Muslims believe, 'If Allah brought you to it, then He will take you through it - successfully!'
Do be vigilant and don't act naive - time to smarten up dude and get with it! - We need to be with it to get through it and 'what don't kill you only makes you stronger'.
All across the globe we see some form of police brutality and abuse of powers - we need to get together and do something about it - we need the police force - their purpose is to protect us and ensure society is safeguarded from harm - however they should not abuse their powers - then they don't even deserve the job they are in! We need to raise awareness about this issue and start a campaign or something...something...
Stay safe peeps - wherever you are - and truly - there is always that one bad apple - lets not chop the whole tree down - I may have had that one bad experience in life - but I won't let it haunt me - and you may also have had that one bad experience - but there is still good amongst the rotten apples - lets just remind them when they need reminding! :-D

Monday, 11 January 2010

Just Go Do It!

...It's as simple as that - Just Go Do It!

No, I'm not promoting a new Nike sports line for 2010 or new trainers - I'm simply saying - Just Go Do It! And in fact, it's not only me saying it - but you'll find someone, somewhere across the globe uttering this phrase - Just Go Do It - I mean the UK has decided to Just Go Do It - what about YOU?

Just Go Do It is a phrase that can be used for whatever situation or issue in our lives - however in today's blog I am talking about something specific.
As Muslims we have our Fundamentals to believe in, live them and practise them. The five pillars of Islam - the Fundamentals - are; 1. The Declaration of Faith, 2. Prayer, 3. Alms-Giving, 4. Fasting in the month of Ramadhan and 5. Pilgrimage to the House of God.
We all know that to 'err is to human and to forgive Divine' and also a human is liable to forget and needs reminding - throughout his/her journey in life.
As Muslims the five Pillars are essential elements of Islam (on the basic levels - we could get deeper here - but maybe another post). What happens if one pillar falls? Breaks? Is crooked? the whole structure would fall and crumble. Likewise in Islam the Five Pillars keep the structure strong and makes it whole - it makes us 'whole' Muslims.
However, as mentioned above, we are human, we forget and sometimes we are lead by the whisperings of the evil of our own soul - and forget that if any one pillar is crooked then the whole system would fall - we would fall and break and shatter into tiny pieces.
Prayer - Salah - keeps us focused, grounded and we communicate with our Lord. It calms us, purifies us, protects us and makes us humble. It is essential in our lives. But again, many Muslims 'choose' to ignore this and forget to pray - and as a result - fall!
He, Allah, The Most High Says;“And I [God] did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me” (Al Qur'an 51:56)
Alkauthar Institute and Mercy Mission UK have come up with a new campaign and in their own words they say; "...So if you have abandoned the prayer, and yet want to be a Muslim, its time you started praying! No future resolutions, No, I am young, No, when I am older, No, I am not ready for it, No Excuses – Just Go Do It!"
And it's as simple as that - Just Go Do IT!
The campaign launches on 20th January and YOU are invited! Go to and sign up. Just Go Do It is also on Facebook - so join the group and invite everyone to join and sign up.
Are YOU going to 'Just Go Do It?' - I Am! :)

Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year, A New Decade!

Its 2010 AD - wow - that sounds very weird! Recently it was also the Islamic New Year - known as Muharram - and the year? Its 1431 AH (after Hijrah - the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from Mecca to Medina).
Islam is 1400 years old and it has accomplished alot - yet it has also lost alot.
You only have to turn the pages in a history book to realise the contribution Islam made throughout the 1400 years from medicine to schools to architecture to the home to education to society and mankind as a whole. If it wasn't for the early Muslim pioneers and inventors then we wouldn't have had all the technological and medical advancements that we have today.
But, somewhere, something went terribly wrong. From Muslim pioneers to Muslim prisoners!
The world we live in today, you and I, its crazy! We look into history and are amazed - they, back in the days, achieved so much with so little and today we have so much yet we are achieving so little!
The last decade - the Millennium - brought with it suicide bombings and terrorist attacks across the globe. There were more natural disasters (and everyday disasters!) and political uproar.
This new decade, 2010, has seen the launch of the tallest building in Dubai (earlier today) - why? To compete with the rest of the world on an unprecedented level - and the debt? Ah, well, the neighbours (Abu Dhabi) stepped in to bail them out! (everybody needs good neighbours!)
No doubt this decade is set to be yet another in medical, technological (and world?) advancements - some good, some bad, some just down right pathetic - but hey it is life and it wouldn't be life if we didn't have the doofases doing what they do best - being doofases!
So - a New Decade - what is in store for you? You have any plans? Ofcourse, man plans and God is the best of all planners - but if we didn't plan then that would mean we don't believe in tomorrow, another day, another chance (to do right, seek forgiveness, and spread the goodness) - so we plan.
My 12 months are all mapped out for me - God Willing I shall be able to get all the things done. Its looking like an extremely busy year for me - but its all for the good so I'm looking forward to the challenge (turBo thrives on challenges). But if my friend (Angel of Death) has been ordered to take my soul - then i shall surrender (well, not that I have a choice in that matter) but its all good - for in this world there is only one certainty and that is death :)
So whatever your plans, hope all works out for you - remember the favours of your Lord - do what is right and learn from past mistakes - make the most of each day as it may be your (my) last - lets keep up with our prayers and remembrance of God - and Jannah must be won - so we have to strive in this world to attain the highest station of Paradise in the next world - eternal life!
Hopefully this decade brings some change - world peace? - lets all get together and make a difference - in our own lives, those of our loved ones and those less fortunate than ourselves across the globe (any ideas hollah at me).
Lots more blog stuff coming up this year - as well as the Friday audio reminders (check out the previous two if you haven't already). All feedback is more than welcome and you're still entitled to your free ebooks - so get mailing me! Also join this blog, spread the word and have a fantastic day!
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