Monday, 30 June 2014

How will YOU treat YOUR Ramadan?

Ramadan Mabrook to YOU and YOUR Family! :)

I pray that you have a blessed month ahead and all your duas are answered.

So here is my challenge for you this month.

Instead of asking, 'How is Ramadan Treating ME?' Because let's admit we will get hungry, thirsty and tired and maybe moody and angry and everything in between. Ramadan is our Guest - so think about it - would we ask our guests who have come to visit us how they are treating us?


So instead this month ask, 'How am I treating Ramadan this month?'

Ah-ha...see the difference?

Try it and you'll soon be on an awesome emaan-high! :)

Monday, 23 June 2014

RamadanPrep Telesumit 2014

***Announcement Bismillah!***

Ready for Ramadan this year?

The RamadanPrep Telesumit 2014 powered by We Be Inspired is now LIVE walhamdulilah! :)

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Day 1 Opening Ceremony & Call is available as soon as you get your *FREE* Golden Ticket Pass!

It's 5 Days and 5 awesome speakers to help you prepare to have your best Ramadan insha'Allah.

See you inside the Sumit and i promise you this is the best 1 hour daily investment you can make for yourself this week! :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Your Soul Always Knows...

This week take a moment out each day to silence your mind and to listen to your soul - because your soul is the real you and it always knows - we just get caught up in our thought loop and mess ourselves up. Remember that our life is made up of moments and you don't want to miss out on a single one. Nurture your soul :)