Saturday, 21 February 2009

Live and Let Live!

Cool saying that is - 'live and let live' - you hear many people saying that, especially when someone is happy doing what they are doing and someone else does not agree with what they are doing. Let’s admit it – it’s a natural prejudice and we all have it/felt it/said it and done it!

But a crazy twist is taking place in the world right now - well I can say it’s happening in the UK. A certain group of law abiding citizens are getting labelled as, hmm let’s say, 'not law abiding'!

You haven't seen it in the news? Ok well you must've read it in the papers? No?! Ok let me tell you - British Muslims – law abiding citizens – on a daily are being accused of participating in terrorist attacks on fellow Brits or knowingly supporting those involved in such activities.

Proof people? Most of the ‘proof’ can be made up and we’ve all seen X-Files in our younger days as well as the CSI series – and they say ‘where there is a will there is a way’!

What is this new fascination with the Muslims? Haven’t the media got anything better to do? Yeah we all need to work and get paid and survive but maaan seriously get over it! Because negative articles and images of Muslims in the media are not making things better for community cohesion (whatever the crap that is – because I was cohesed as a young kid) and also the media are responsible for hyping many issues and misguiding the general community. Yes there is a minority who are disrupting the peace and I have a word for them (I won’t use it here) but there are such people in every community (and religion) and not only amongst the Muslims.

It’s not the fault of the majority of the British people who are not aware of the Islamic religion or who only find out about Muslims through the negative media articles. There are many Muslims and organisations who are doing their best to challenge this negativity and show everyone that Muslims are not an evil or bad people.

To the average Brit (or if you’re oversees) get to know Muslims and ask questions – also ask questions when you keep seeing that negative piece of media. To the Muslims working hard to promote their religion and combat this negativity – keep it up and keep your head up! And to the negative people out there who honestly haven’t got anything better to do in life – remember this life is a gift and one day it’ll all be over – for all of us, me and you, Live and Let Live!

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