Monday, 24 August 2009

The Month of Mercy...

Welcome, dearest friend and guest - come come, the doors are wide open for you and our hearts skip a beat everytime we hear your name! Where have you been? Come on - why only ever after so many months - maaaan we miss you sooooo much - but now that you're here - please stay with us and share with us - atleast for 29 days - if you can't make the whole 30! Welcome!
Now this is a typical type of convo you would have with a dear friend of yours or a guest (ok maybe not all friends n guests stay for a whole month) - for friends and guests are truly Allah's blessings! And moreover one of Allah (swt) blessings towards His servants (yes, that's us!) is the Month of Mercy!
Welcome Ramadhan - and Ramadhan Mabrook to each and every eye who is reading this! May Allah (swt) shower is mercy and blessings on you all and answer all your duas - ameen! "O You Who Believe! Fasting Has Been Prescribed For You As It Was Prescribed For Those Before You So That You May Learn God Consciousness" (Holy Qur'an).
The Month of Mercy is truly merciful! It is one of the five pillars of Islam - and in this month Muslims fast for 30 days - no food, water, conjugal relations from dawn til dusk - pay their zakat - which is charity to those needy in our communities - read, recite study and reflect on the teachings of the Qur'an - as it was revealed in the Month of Mercy - pray qiyam ul-layl (the night prayers and taraweeh) and abstain from the temptations of one's own nafs - the soul. This month is also like a reminder! Throughout the year we busy ourselves with the 'life of this world' - you know our education, work, family etc - which ofcourse is also our duty as human beings - but we sometimes forget the most important issues in our life - preparation for the next world - the eternal life.
Ramadhan also helps us to leave the wrong doings - bad habits, bad characteristics - and to purify and better ourselves - for ramadhan and beyond - so in fact we should be observing all the above throughout the year - evening fasting Mondays and Thursdays and the 13, 14 and 15th of every month.
Man by nature is forgetful - we all need reminding - even me! Allah (swt) through His infinite mercy blesses us and gives us another chance - chance to repent for all our wrong actions and make a promise with ourselves - that we will live by His laws and truly fulfil the reason for our very existence - the worship of Allah (swt)!
Ramadhan is also a month which reminds us of our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam and Humanity who are less fortunate than ourselves and who are suffering oppression or hardship. Ramadhan is a month about being conscious of the food we eat - appreciation of it and also not forgetting water! I personally get very thirsty - especially when i'm presenting on the radio - and it is a constant reminder for me - about those who don't even have clean water to drink and die from polluted water and dehydration.
This month is for us all - the past nations from time immemorial had to observe fast - in one way or another - why? to learn God consciousness - to be aware of Allah (swt) and His mercy!
In this month the doors of heaven are opened and doors of hell are locked! The devils are chained for a whole month - and don't forget REMINDER - when he is set free on eid - he will have more enmity towards us - why? because he was locked away for a month and could not lead us astray - he will be back to his old tricks - but we will not let him - deal? cool!
Its the third day of ramadhan - and i'm on a serious buzz - what about you? Loads more blog updates in this month - three for today - wow you lucky peeps! Also we will be looking at the three parts of ramadhan and what they are all about and don't forget for more inspiration all about ramadhan tune into 'Be Inspired' on Unity FM 93.5FM in Bham UK and streaming LIVE across the universe on - every Saturdays from 12 til 2pm!
Thank You Allah for blessings us with another chance - chance to repent - seek your forgiveness and mercy and get all our duas answered - make abundant dua whilst breaking your fast - for no dua will go unanswered - and please keep me in your duas! We don't even know if we will make it to eid - as the Angel of Death can come for us at any time - let alone next ramadhan - so lets all be truly grateful!
Keep it locked to turBo flow - you all know by now - its not your average flow - its turBo flow - a blog with a difference - invite all to read - and please leave your comments (on the right of this blog - scroll down, you have a feature to leave your messages n feedback).
Enjoy your Ramadhan! :)

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