Monday, 27 September 2010

Kara BookClub's all happening on Facebook - so if you have an account then join the Book club! :)

Initiated by yours truly *ahem* its a book club where we shall read books and then discuss them with the group.

I love reading and want to read more - I missed out on alot of great titles (from bios to the real deal) when I was younger because the titles I was choosing - although best sellers and fantastic - were more of an escape for me from reality.

I'm a late bloomer - but I have blossomed - hamdullilah. So now catching up on all the missed reading!

Paulo Coelho is our author at the moment and the book 'Like Flowing Rivers'.

If you've read his titles then feel free to drop a message!

Enjoy your week ahead, hope it's full of productivity, learn lots, apply it in your lives and then pass it on and most of all - pay a visit to your local library, grab a book, cup of hot choc, tea, coffee, some cookies....and enjoy....

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  1. Thank you for your advice :D I couldn't find that book in book stores & in my uni library :( so I'll wait for your discussion. I read someone's review on that book somewhere in the internet..