Thursday, 20 October 2011

Our Tom Tom's...

...So, basically what has happened is that we've had loads of tomatoes grow - mum just picked another 80 today and the sunny season in UK is over!

Well, we don't really have that much sun in the UK, though this year was a goodun!

We don't have a greenhouse - outdoors or indoors - we should invest in one now.

So when the sunny season is over - and when all the tomatoes are still green - and when you don't have a greenhouse either indoors our out - well, then, what does one do?

***Take A Guess***

We go 'Desi-Style'!

Yes! If all else fails in life, all rules, regulations, procedures and protocols - what to do? Do it like a desi!!!

So you see those lil cuties in the tray in the pic above? Well those were ALL green!

Mum wrapped them up in newspaper, then she put a thick blanket over them - so they were fully covered up, then she put them in a box and then she put the box in a dark place.

A week later she pulled them out and there you have it - the red tomatoes above - and they tasted? Scrumdidliumptous!!!!

So, next time you're tomatoes don't ripen on time and you don't have a greenhouse then fear nada - just do it 'Desi-Style'! :D

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