Monday, 5 December 2011

Quantum Touch - Energy Healing

...I attended a weekend course called; 'Quantum Touch - Energy Healing'.

It's all about healing through energy - a hands on healing technique.

It's the first time in life I've ever attended such a course and it was amazing!

I learnt so much - my breathing techniques - how to focus - body awareness exercises.

I will be attending the course again - that's how much I loved it! lol

I'm still getting used to my new skill and that I'm on my way to becoming an 'Energy Healer' or I am an 'Energy Healer' - exactly, I'm still trying to get used to it all.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself - however if we suffer from an illness then the white blood cells rush to the affected area to help the healing process. There's not enough left for the rest of the body so this is where 'Quantum Touch - Energy Healing' comes into it.

You can read more about Quantum Touch here ---> and if you are in the UK then check out the next dates for London and Birmingham to attend the hands-on course.

Allah (swt) is the one who grants shifa and grants us the ability to use this skill to heal each other.

So, if you do have any aches and pains and need some 'Energy Healing' then drop me a line and I'll zap over some energy to you all - and Allah (swt) shall grant you shifa insha'Allah (yes, I've learnt 'distant healing' also).

I'm off to practice my new energy healing skill...

'Breathe in - hold - breath out'....

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