Monday, 20 February 2012

How To Study

***ALERT!!! For ALL Students!***

...and we're all students - yes YOU and I (whether that is formal education, self-study, personal development, etc.) I was studying and read the following so thought {SHARE the KHAIR} with everyone :)

How To Study:-

1. Schedule: time EVERY week for your study sessions

2. Motivate: yourself to CONCENTRATE each time you study

3. Focus: set the TONE for your study sessions

4. Achieve: set your GOALS and get the most out of each study period

5. Review: make sure that you UNDERSTAND what you have studied and that you can REMEMBER it.

6. Look Ahead: prepare for your NEXT study session

I know these are simple steps - but we can always do with a reminder - especially me! lol :)

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