Monday, 5 March 2012

What's Your Problem/Issue?

Facing a problem or issue and need help or advice?

Get creative!

Grab a pen and paper or your journal.

Draw a mind map (google mind-maps) - in the middle of the paper draw a circle, write your issue/problem in the form of a positive question and then for 15mins solid write all the answers that come to your mind non-stop.

Example: What do I need to do to get a job/get healthier and fit/get married? (Don't write why can't I get a job or get married - trust me, your brain will find an answer for that and it won't make you happy!)

Write all the answers that come to your head. The key is to let your mind free for 15mins solid and write for 15mins all that comes to your brain.

When you're done look at all your answers and group things together - some clearly won't belong on the sheet but its OK - we did let our mind loose for 15mins!

All the answers to your questions lie within you. Trust your own instincts, have faith in Allah and your questions will be answered.

Try it and let me know how it goes insha'Allah! :)

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