Monday, 4 June 2012

Be Creative!

...Be Creative! Look for creative ways to make your days the best and full of light and full of colour! All the answers you seek are within you. Work on your relationship with God and He (swt) will fix the rest! Work on your ibaadah (worship), your Prayers and your Qur'an. Read it, study it, ponder it, reflect upon it - daily.

What we lack - as a human race (amongst many things) is creativity! 

We need to bring back creativity into our lives.

Remember when we were younger? Exactly! 

No, You don't have to pull out your lego set from way back when but just try and get into the right brain now and then - especially if you're left brain logical.

Try it!

Add some creativity into your life and let me know how you get gone insha'Allah! :)

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