Monday, 10 September 2012

turBo flow Studies

OK, so I have an important announcement to make - a special announcement - one which you will all be happy with insha'Allah :)

I've been a student of knowledge forever (as in since I can remember) and I love studying. 

I'm a student of knowledge of both Islamic sciences as well as secular studies.

My official background is Law (Criminal Justice and Human Rights) and I have also read for an Islamic Studies degree.

I have been studying Islam - as a student of sacred knowledge - 'officially' - since 1994 (I was 14) walhamdulilah.

I have also been teaching Islam to kids since 2001 and since the launch of my KSC in 2009 I have also recently started teaching Islamic studies to older women - those who have a basic understanding of Islam and want to learn more.

So, I have decided that, since Allah (swt) has blessed me so much in all my studies, and I love writing and sharing etc, I will write short essay's - both Islamic Studies and the Law on Human Rights (from my secular studies) and publish them as pdf downloadable documents for you all, insha'Allah.

It will be on a monthly basis - at the end of the month- and depending on all other studies and work that I'm doing - I may increase that to bi-monthly insha'Allah.

Knowledge is to be shared and I know that you're all regular visitors to my blog - you're inspired and motivated by my blog to make positive changes in your world and you're all my family.

As y'all know I'm default right brain creative. So these essays won't be 'boring' but will be interactive - as in getting you to think and reflect - and also very visual - as in diagrams/pictures, insha'Alah.

I need your duas so that I can fit everything into my schedule as there is so much to learn, apply, achieve, pass on - before my demise insha'Allah :)

My life is devoted to studying and worshipping Allah and through my journey I hope to make the knowledge available to you all - right here - on this blog.

(I just need to figure out the best way to upload documents here to blogger - if you have any tips/pointers - please let me know).

That was today's announcement. I hope and pray that Allah (swt) accepts this from me, makes it easy for me, makes us all successful both in this world and the next insha'Allah, ameen!

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