Monday, 19 November 2012

Path of Seeking Knowledge for Allah (swt)

1. Zuhud - Not in leaving material things alone, but for one's heart not to be attached to worldly matters. Renunciation - Leave excess matters (that which is beyond/without benefit). Strive to liv
e hadith of Prophet (pbuh) “From the excellence of a man's Islam is to leave that which does not concern him." Look at your day/week and what things are wasteful? leave it! Prioritise and leave most wasteful things first. Renounce that which doesn't benefit.

2. Knowledge - You need to know what you need to know. Know knowledge! Know the way of knowledge and purpose of knowledge. Purpose of knowledge - seeking closeness to Allah (swt). Pursue with purpose and benefit. Stages of seeking knowledge.

3. Tawakul - Has several aspects. Ignore what people say and focus on what benefits you. Remember Tawhid. You are weak and Allah fulfils all needs. Take means and having full tawakul in Allah. Must hang your heart to Allah. Attach heart to Allah. Striving yourself doesn't lead to success but Allah is the one who grants success - by taking the means. Serve with excellence knowing it’s only through Allah (swt). Will get many doubts but keep tawakul. Seek mentors who can advice. 

4. Certitude - Have complete trust. Prophet (pbuh) said; 'Allah has guaranteed paradise for three - one is seeker of knowledge'. Suspend those doubts. Follow the Sunnah and you will benefit in allsorts of ways. When reading book from scholars of past then have adab as though you are sitting in their presence. Have a point of connection with the Prophetic message. Attend gatherings of knowledge. Take online classes. What Allah and His Prophet have said is correct. Have conviction. Only speak with certainty and it will have impact.

These four above require nurturing.

{Mentioned by Abu Madyan and elaborated by the Mashaykh at the Assembly Live – Sunday 18th November 2012.} 


(Notes i took whilst watching the assembly and insha'Allah they are correct and Allah knows best!).

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