Saturday, 23 February 2013

Don't let YOUR train leave without YOU!

You see, the thing is that, opportunities are ALWAYS there - right in front of us. But we being we - humans - we spend so much time figuring out why one thing didn't work out the way we wanted it to work out (*GUILTY*) that we honestly forget to see that other great and better opportunities are right there!


So, listen, don't worry so much if one thing hasn't gone the way you wanted it because honestly God has something better for you - and yes I've been there also - so this serves as a good reminder for oneself also!

Please don't miss your train because if you wallow so much in your 'Whys?!' then you'll be left behind whilst everyone has reached their destination.

Everyday there is a new lesson and something new for us to learn. Everyday we have an opportunity to grown and become the better version of ourselves from yesterday.

Let's not miss this opportunity because once it's gone it may never return.

Have a blessed weekend ahead - and look out for those opportunities - yes, they are RIGHT THERE! :)

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