Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eid Mabrook!

Taqqabal Allahu minna wa minkum!

Ramadan is a training month for us and our real test begins on Eid day (or maghrib salaah when we break our last fast).

This month of 29-30 days has many lessons - it teaches us patience, discipline and how to form new and strong habits.

If you were not praying before then you started praying.

If you read Qur'an once in a while - now you read it every day.

So as we go into Eid day and celebrate - and it is a day of celebration - a gift to us from Allah - let's ask Him (swt) to keep us steadfast upon the straight path - always.

Let's take the teachings and lessons of this month and use them in our day to day that follows.

Each moment is our only moment - and this moment could be our last. How do we want to return to Allah?

Yes, we will get the post-Ramadan blues - but in my opinion it usually only happens when we get sucked into everyone else's negative talk and negative energy.

If not anything else - at least be grateful that you woke up alive and you have a chance to get back on track - back to Allah. (I'm assuming you're a human and you're alive and you're reading this - unless you're a jinny beany....)

Anyways there many strong habits you have formed in this month - walhamdulilah - now begins the real test. Surround yourself with those who will lift you up and who will inspire and motivate you to ExCel.

You can continue Ramadan-Mode today and beyond. Believe in yourself. Believe in Allah. He (swt) will make a way for you! I know He (swt) will! I believe! :)

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