Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy 5th Birthday turBo flow!

Wow, subhan'Allah - 5 years ago today I took the bold and brave step of 'putting my words out to the world'.

I had been writing all my life - some for academic, some for pleasure but I was always afraid of others reading my words - because that would give them an access to my heart.

Today I have a successful personal development blog and numerous eBooks released and releasing.

I'm also writing for other sites and magazines and will do more of that in 2014.

Thank you God for helping me take this first step and giving me the courage to express myself to the world - as with you by my side I fear no more - walhamdulilah! :)

To all of you who have visited and read my bog from across the globe - thank you and God bless y'all.

Here is my very first post I wrote 5 years ago - enjoy it and go eat some cake! :D

Love always and forever - Nadia aka 'turBo flow'

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