Monday, 28 April 2014

You made a difference!

...I don't believe in this whole 'I will make a million and retire in three years' thing!

Yes, make a million - in fact i say aim higher - make multi billion.

The retirement which we humans are lured into this world doesn't actually exist - because we're still going to die!

Retirement is in the after-life - Jannah al-firdaus.

Now, this doesn't mean you work, work and work and just accumulate and then die and that's it.


What i mean is you work and rest, work and rest, work and rest.

How do you rest?

We have our 5 daily prayers.

We have our Qur'an.

We have 24 hours in a day people - that is A LOT of hours - if we use them wisely and spilt our day between pray, work and rest.

Get rest, go on holiday, travel - whatever.

However i want to remind us that we have a lot of work to do for humanity before our time is up.

Yes YOU can make a difference in this world too!

'Me, What can I do?'

YOU can figure out your unique purpose in life, align it with out ultimate purpose and do what you were created to do.

Life doesn't end here on retirement.

Life ends here when the Angel of Death comes for us.

Are you living a life on purpose with purpose and actively making a difference to humanity?

Reflect - and then get back on purpose now!

I can't do everything alone - i can do something - but together we can do A LOT!

Whether you work a 9-5 job or you're an entrepreneur (and obviously i'm biased and say be an entrep!) remember that each of us has a duty to humanity.

We have become too selfish and self-centred.

Let me fill my basket up with all the eggs and not share.

It doesn't work like that.

So, dearest soul reading this - now that YOU have read this - and God wanted you to read this - it is time to make a global difference.

It is time to make positive changes in our life, live upon the deen and prepare for our best retirement akhiah.

Now, the choice is yours - so choose well now! :)

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