Monday, 12 May 2014

Are YOU a Classy Woman?

For MY Diamonds!

You know, there is actually a lot i could say on this quote and i know that a lot of women would have a lot of opinions on it too.

I'm going to share mine with you right now.

I believe that God has created YOU, dear sister, a DIAMOND.

And where are diamonds found?


Listen, you don't have to flaunt your goodies to be heard or seen.

Your goodies are for you and your man only - end off!

As much as you call it freedom of being - and I'm all about freedom of everything (being a human rights advocate and all) - there will come a point in life when you'll look back at those selfie pics and wish you hadn't.

You may put it down to; 'I was young', or 'It's the past', or 'It was then' etc - God has given you enough sense to choose right from wrong.

If we haven't been taught right and wrong then let's learn it.

You are absolutely precious and gorgeous.

Respect and love comes from respecting and loving yourself first.

If you don't love and respect yourself then no one will.

And in the long run, it's never cool to flaunt it just to get attention from the opposite gender.

We need to work on our self-worth and self-respect.

Listen, I'm not preaching - I've been there, in my teens and early 20's when i just wanted to be accepted for who i was.

And you know what? That made me more and more miserable!

So, instead on flaunting it focus on your God given talents to be the best you were created to be.

You too can be miss beauty with brains.

Respect and love yourself enough to protect yourself.

You're my sister and i love you!

I have a special lecture on this topic called 'Beauty is Skin Deep'.

I walk you through my personal journey of a major flaw and how i overcame it and how you can too!

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