Wednesday, 24 December 2008

I Have Entered into a New World - is this the New World Order?

...well ok, i haven't really entered a new world as such - i mean the first time i entered the world was when my dear mother gave birth to me, many years ago (age shall be disclosed only after i become familiar with the unfamiliar)...and this isn't the new world order, or is it? stop and ponder a moment...

in this technological internet non-physical (i am not infront of you in person even if you did have a webcam) world i decided, spontaneously and impulsively, (i am known for both) to start a blog! yes i said that 'b' word infamously known on the internet...i am officially an online 'blogger'....

i say official and this 'blog' is supposed to make me official in the blog world - but its more of an introdution, not only to you, but me....i don't even know how to use all the features, or if when you read it, its kinda cool or not....but hey here it goes...

as everyone is an onliner and so many people are becoming bloggers, i thought (yes sponatneously) lets join the blogging community - you get to communicate your views and opinions with people across the globe and believe it or not i thought writing my first offical 'blog' would be hard - but no, im notoriously known to ramble on like a raving or unraving luntaic at times and have much to say...

ok, so down to business (sounds too formal - well i don't mean to be)....who am i? most of you know me (my online friends i give you no choice but to read my blog) im known as 'turbo' (real name may or may not be revealed in time - im into the conspiracy theory and yes as mulder said 'trust no one') because i have a tendancy to do things at 'sonic speed' (always to fall ill later) and sometimes when i speak - i go off on one and speak so fast that even i don't know what im saying!

what is this blog going to be about - well ive named it turbo flow - as i hope my words shall flow on these pages (are they still called pages even though its the net?) and im more than happy to share this blog with friends and family (you can have more than one author, i discovered) and it shall be on everything i believe in and feel in (again to those who know me, will know what i mean) and to those who have just stubbled upon this and have suddenely become mezmerised by my ramblings - i shall leave surprises!

it could be a daily blog - but i think i will get addicted (today was supposed to be spent studying my LLM - but hey im here and it 11.20pm as we write) and maybe it will cease to exist before the year ends - who knows, what do you guys think (guys referrs to both ladies and gents!)... here alright, and have entered the 'new world' kinda excited to see the final til later (soon i hope) good and enjoy whatever it is you enjoy hungry!


  1. may allah swt reward you for your efforts to entertain people.

  2. good about what you are saying and hope more people read it n commentb like i have