Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hijaab - A Personal Choice and A Fundamental Human Right!

...what is a terrorist? who defines the word 'terror' - a dictionary or those in power? It seems as though everyone is becoming a terrorist these days - terrorising others! New trend eh? Instead of accepting and acknowledging differences - what happens? you get terrorised for being 'different' - actually hold up - let me rewind - you don't actually get terrorised (verbal abuse or physical abuse) you get killed - MURDERED!

This has happened recently - in the past week - in Europe - Germany. Dr Marwa al-sherbini, 32 year old, married with a 3 year old son and 3 months pregnant with her second baby, was an Egyptian who had sued her attacker after he had insulted her for wearing her headscarf - hijaab. She was stabbed 18 times in the courtroom where she went to give evidence against her attacker. The German police reacted - fired shots - no, not at her attacker - but her husband - who ran to defend his wife!

The whole world - from east to west is preaching HUMAN RIGHTS - protect this right, protect that right - legislation's and treaties are being passed here, there and everywhere - all in the name of protecting 'human rights' - but tell me, what about Dr Marwa's right? and her unborn baby? they weren't human? So she observed the religious headscarf - which made her different in her attackers eyes and he thought hey - lets just stab her to death - she's not a human with any rights!

Sickening - revolting and absolutely horrific!

Those very people who are preaching 'human rights' mantras are the ones who are violating it - and allowing it to happen!
After completing my masters in International Human Rights this year, I am not only saddened by this incident, but am truly wondering - what is all this human rights talk all about? Is it just selective? So now you have to belong to a certain group or have certain beliefs and thoughts - only then can you be seen as 'human' and have 'rights'.

Hijaab is a fundamental and integral part of a Muslim woman's life - she has made a choice to protect her modesty and observe the laws of God - its HER choice - and its MY choice - a proud 'hijaabi' who loves and respects everyone and their differences!

If someone is 'different' from you or holds 'different' beliefs - why not talk to them? Get to know them - and ask questions - see what its all about!

The world belongs to God - not man! To live in this world we all need to respect each other and get to know each other - you can't claim what aint yours!
She was a doctor, helping humanity - protecting humans and their rights - and her rights were taken away from her!

Marwa and her unborn - truly the first Muslim Martyr! Justice Will Be Done!
Hijaab is a personal choice and a Fundamental Human Right - its here to stay - and turBo says...'DEAL WITH IT!'

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