Monday, 6 July 2009

Lost Your Direction? Follow the Roadmap to Knowledge...

...we always hear the following; "Seek Knowledge from Cradle to Grave" - tell me, what will you do and how far will you go to seek knowledge? that which benefits you and grants you success in this world and grants you the highest stations of jannah in the akhira! - now i ask you again - tell me, how far will you go to gain jannah al-firdaus and to drink from the hands of Rasool Allah - to quench your thirst from the fountain of al-kauthar?...

Another excellent weekend course is coming YOUR way - lost your direction? having difficulty finding your way? you know that knowledge is here somewhere, or was it there? where??? hmmm, OK! what YOU need is a ROADMAP TO KNOWLEDGE!!! Enrol NOW! as places are LIMITED!

Alkauthar Institute is renowned for its weekend courses across the Globe - and this excellent course will be visiting Brum only ONCE - make a date in your diaries and find that time - it will be time worth investing!

Don't forget the course will provide you with your very own binder full of notes and a FREE audio for both days - and for all you mothers out there - a creche will be provided insha'Allah (please email for more info*. Come drink from the fountain of ALKAUTHAR - i did and i never looked back - one sip and you'll be addicted - halaal ofcourse! :)

Please forward to all contacts insha'Allah - as we've all needed a map to direct us atleaset once in our lives - this course can change your lives - and it will benefit immensely - don't just take my word for it brothers n sisters - come this weekend and experience Alkauthar Institute for yourselves!

* (Creche is subject to you bringing your own carer insha'Allah).

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