Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration & Eid ul Fitr 09 (1430 AH) Mabrook!

So like for the last 10 days of ramadhan i decided to update my facebook status with some inspiration - something for now and the year to come. I am posting those status updates here so you can all benefit from them insha'Allah!
Also Eid Mabrook - have a brilliant day and may Allah (swt) accept all our fasts, ibaadah duas and forgiveness and He (swt) blesses us all with another Month of Mercy insha'Allah - ameen!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 1: The Power n Beauty of Dua! Make Dua For Yourself, Your Fams n The Entire Ummah n Then See n Feel The Results! (duas for me too!)
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 2: Become A Productive Muslim n Muslimah, Now n Beyond. Strive Hard n Work On Spreading Allah's Deen. At Home n In The Community!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 3: 'IQRA - And Your Lord Is The Most Generous!' Qur'an - study, reflect n implement! (see previous blog post)
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 4: Dhikr - Remembrance! Keep The Tongue Moist With The Remembrance of Allah - Now n Beyond.
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 5: It'ikaaf - Seclusion With One's Beloved. If You Can't, Then Qiyam Ul Layl. Its Something Very Special Indeed...
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 6: Don't Forget Charity Donations To The Poor n Needy. Start Now n Continue This Throughout The Year. Even A Smile Is Charity!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 7: PLAN For Your Duniya n Akhira. Work Hard For Your Plans, Implement Them n Make Them Succeed! But Allah Is The Best Of All Planners!
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 8: Don't Forget The Little Ones In Your Families. Get Them Involved - Start At A Young Age n Show Them The Straight Path n The Light.
Ramadhan 09 Last 10 Inspiration 9: Be In This World As Is You Are A Traveller. You Are Not Here Forever, You Are Just Passing Bye. N With Each Day Do Good n Good.
There would have been 10 - but this year the moon has been sighted on the 29th day of the month - so no 30 fasts but eid together (almost everyone around the globe started their fast together and are celebrating eid together - theirs still good in the Ummah!)
But hey! I've got a bonus inspiration random status update gem for you and it is...
Bonus Inspirational Gem: need to be creative and ready to take risks! Believe in yourself, have faith and hope and put your trust in the Divine. If your intentions are pure, you will succeed!

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