Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Character Assassinations - Beware of these Assassins!!!

They are on the increase - you can find them almost anywhere - i mean anywhere! Just turn the corner, and there! ready to make their move! They are on the increase - i warn you! Across the globe this phenomenon is increasing - in masses - not like, you know, one or two - but a mass movement!

Beware of these Assassins!

OK, so who am i talking about and what is this new mass movement and should you be worried?! Well yes YOU should be worried! In fact we should all be alert - because anyone can fall victim to these assassins - I did!
Who are they? Usually someone know you - close friends, family and relatives. Could also be colleagues - could be YOU!
Listen Up! - Its not like your usual assassination - well i wasn't going to blog about politicians being assassinated - you have the media for that - I'm a blogger!
Character Assassination (and yes this term actually exists - google it) - is the act of tarnishing someones reputation through verbal abuse, slander, vicious and malicious lies. Sometimes it happens because of a misunderstanding - like gossip or heresay. But sometimes it happens because some people have evil intent - and they are feeding the evil of their own nafs (souls).
Judging someones character is wrong - morally and religiously (see any religious text) and if someone has a point to make then bring forth evidence. Also if we want to give nasiha to someone - advise - the best practise is to do it in private.
I am blogging about this because as i said above it is something i personally went through earlier this year (no I'm not looking for sympathy of any sort - far from it - I'm doing my duty in making you aware of certain evils out there) and its extremely painful - especially when it comes from someone very close to you.
If there has been a misunderstanding - then talk about it, discuss it, do it in a proper manner with proper etiquette's - not just jump in the deep end and start accusing and judging their character.
That is very wrong - the religion of Islam does not allow such assassinations - well in fact it doesn't allow assassinations full stop!
The tongue is a very powerful tool - it can make or break - and it can cut deep - leaving wounds which may never heal again.
Not everyone in this world has the support i have - i am truly blessed - not everyone is confident enough to shine through - pick oneself up, reflect and become stronger. We are all different. Just imagine - when we say 'you look beautiful today' - the smile on that persons face - they are instantly uplifted - and if we say 'you look so ugly' - it can instantly send someone straight to the dumps and yes those were just basic daily examples - you can think of your own (I'm sure you all have many examples to add).
Our mission on this planet is not to hurt anyone - we are created to worship the Creator - do good and spread good. Don't forget your biggest enemy - the one who has vowed to lead us astray - all he has to do is whisper - and we can slip...
Character Assassination - its on the increase! Please be aware of it and protect yourselves. And if you fall prey to these assassins then remember 'truly to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return' - these assassins will have to account for their actions and words. To tarnish someones reputation and slander them is a big sin - to hurt your brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity is a sin - you don't look cool and that! You look plain nasty!
If you have been a victim then fear not there is hope - you will get through it - you will be OK - call on your Lord and He is there for you!
If you're a character assassin and this has become your new full time job - then beware of the fire - whose fuel is men and stones - beware of the Day when you will also be judged and your character will be displayed in front of the whole mankind! (the Day when we all want our bad deeds to be hidden!) Change your ways - there is still time - don't become a blind follower of the devil - he's not your friend - his only mission is to lead you to the fire of hell...
Beware of these Assassins!....


  1. Salam sis
    Wanted to ask if it was poss to advertise Alkauthars next course on your blog - Home Sweet Home...

    Please let me know.. Jazakhs :)

  2. salam hun,
    well said! Been there too, but hey got through it now, there's no point in dwelling, i just moved on. Like you said the tongue is a very powerful tool it can either make or break and that is a very important lesson to be learned. There are ways and means of going about things in a more grown up way! But hey life is the test and when we are tested we should get through things the best ways we can. If i can do it, any1 can. xx