Monday, 1 February 2010

...I'm Left On The Shelf! No One Wants Me!'re single, looking for a life partner - tried all the online marriage sites, family, friends, aunties...but you just can't seem to find 'The One'!
"What's wrong with me? Why doesn't anyone want to marry me? I know I'm not good enough - I'm just left on the shelf!!!"
And this is followed by depression, comfort eating, sleeping all hours, hating, shouting, mood swings - and - wait for it - the ultimate one - what's the purpose of my life?! (well, to get that one answered, just scroll down and read the post on 'What's my Purpose!) - But for now - check out the video below (thank you Facebook friend for posting it!) and at the end - smile! (plus its Sunnah to smile).
OK, OK - since you are here and since this may apply to you and since all i want to say really is; 'get over it!' - I'll be nice - after all YOU are my global familia and this is a touchy subject! So, firstly - get over it! and secondly - its not all that bad - really - you just have to focus, make the right moves, talk to the right people and get practical and productive. And now you say; "well, doh, it hasn't worked!" - OK, yeah i hear you - But there's more to our lives than just being depressed - so if you need help - seek it (depression is a bad thing!) and read the post on 'What's my Purpose' - follow the formulae (do share the formulae with everyone - but remember its copyright - turBo came up with that one!) and make it happen!
If it's meant to be - it will be - and if you're still not happy then watch the video again and again!
We have one life to live - lets not waste it worrying and being depressed and lets make it happen! :)

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  1. Thanks - this was very enlightening!! :)