Tuesday, 16 March 2010

...Spring is hereeeeeeeeeeeee!


OK, well I say finally, but I think we still have more rain in store for us (Brum, UK) - but at least the winter snowy months have gone.

I mean, I do like the snow - it's fun - however it does get a bit too much sometimes! There's benefits in winter months as well as summer months - but December up until mid-Feb are not sooo good for me!

Oh and this year there has even been a shortage on tulips because of the unexpected cold wintry snowy months!

Well, lots more for me to get up to this year. I have set up my own business (turBo is a business lady - lol) and two more before the year ends and a fourth one this time next year - God Willing. With that I still have loads of study and lots more fun days ahead :)

And, yes I know you have noticed that I haven't blogged in the last three weeks - however I did put up some 'Guest Post' which I enjoyed alot and thought share with you all - so I do hope you all benefited. The Friday Reminder series is still there - but won't be as frequent as I was hoping.

But fear not - turBo is still here to entertain you - and if you are new to the blog then you have lots of catching up to do! :)

Keep me updated as well - what you are all up to - what's been happening in your lives - remember YOU are my global familia and you're all very important!

Catch you all later. Have fun and lets enjoy some warmer weather! :)

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