Monday, 29 March 2010

turBo says - Hamdullilah...

...for waking up alive and being here in this world for another day - to do a little more good and to repent a little more!

...28th March was a big one for turBo (go on, guess my age and win a prize lol) and besides waking up alive and thanking God for blessing me, you know what makes this day extra special? Been woken up by my mum with her gorgeous smile and face that shines like the full moon on a clear night - ahhh this day every year - priceless!!!

Have a fantastic week peeps - keep popping round and don't forget to spread the word about turBo flow to to your family and friends. I still have quite alot of work on right now - another crazy month (even the weekends!) but I will try and make the blog more frequent once workload has calmed down - til then, I know you have plenty of posts to get through! :D

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