Monday, 2 August 2010

...On a Mission...M3 - RTV Mission!

MERCY MISSION has launched a new and fantastic project - ‘Ramadan TV’ - the UK’s first Ramadan-dedicated channel - launched on 10th July 2010 on Sky Digital Channel 843. It will run up until the end of Ramadan. And shows will go LIVE from the 5th of August - insha'Allah! So, tune in and enjoy a line-up of some fantastic shows and did you guess? Yup turBo is producing a few things here and there for the station lol. I'm already enjoying the buzz of it all - and the creative juices continue to flow! I will be producing the 'National Ramadan Bus Tour' Roadshow (the bus will be stopping at a stop near you - London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow - launching 16th August), do pop by to get your free dawah literature and some dates to break your fast - and hey - why not take along all your non-Muslim friends and colleagues and really get into the Ramadan Spirit! The show will be aired on Ramadan TV - so if you can't make it, then definitely tune into watch all the fun! I'll also be producing a sisters show (but that's top secret, so you'll have to pop over to Sky Digital Channel 843 to see what it's all about!) - and here's turBo saying Ramadan Mabrook 2010! :D

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