Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Your Free Invitation - Join Now!!!

You know I love inspiration - and I'm inspired by inspirational people!

Well I'm blessed with many beautiful friends - who are not only my friends til eternity but my sisters.

Two of them have a blog - and I invite you all to visit these blogs, read, comment, enjoy and pass on to others.

The first is by Samia Kara - my Algerian beauty. Her blog is deep and touches your soul. It is spiritual, yet informing and full of passion. Join her journey on http://karasamia.blogspot.com/

The second is by Shereen Shuaib - my Yankee Palestinian princess. Her blog is all about psychology - as this is her chosen field and she is also furthering her studies in this area. Her blog is very informative and educational and delves into this subject deeply. To join her journey and learn all about psychology click on http://theshrinkss.blogspot.com/

Please visit these blogs and enjoy a new day of learning! :)

1 comment:

  1. :) thank you soo much my Turbo :*
    jazakillahu khayran for your compliments :)
    you inspired me to create this blog ;) so, all thanks are to you :)
    We need to fuse our blogs all together in one Blog ;) what you think? we should call it the three sisters ;DD
    A project to develop ;D add it to your list ;)
    Love you my ladoo :*:*