Monday, 4 October 2010

The Park, Library, Angels...and the Secret Garden!

...Yes, all in a days work...or was it a couple of hours?...

So like you can guess the scenario right?

*Lets my readers guess the scenario - Park, Library, Angels and Secret Garden...*

OK, so I was getting depressed and decided to go for a walk in the park. Walking slowly and taking in the beautiful surroundings - I thought, should I sit and contemplate? I really needed to sit and contemplate - but since I don't do these 'alone' walks I felt weird - I usually take the kids with me. So I walked to the library instead...

There I mused over books (I didn't take my library card with me, so couldn't borrow any books). I grabbed a few titles and got comfortable for a quick read. Bio on Gandhi (read a few pages - interesting), then there was a book about unleashing the genius within us - and I'm all for that - as I truly believe we are all geniuses and it was a good read and then there was a title about angels - spirituality.

Hmm, I thought, hmmmm.

So I opened it - and read it - and lo behold I found that according to the lady who wrote it and according to her spiritual beliefs one has a guardian angel with them all the time, even has a name and is waiting for us to converse with him and he will reveal his name to us...and...we also have an angelic side to us and we have wings!!!!

So after all these years I finally understand my back pains - my wings are so heavy they are pushing their way outwards to fly high in the sky!!! :-D

There were also exercises on how to call your angel to get him to touch you and reveal his name as well as feeling your own wings.

I'll tell you the exercises only if you like this post and if you comment! lol

Then it was time to go home - my wings were getting tired! So again I walked through the park, taking a different route, being keenly observant, I discovered....a Secret Garden!!!

It had four gates all the way round, all locked and it was hiding behind trees and bushes and when I peered through the gate it was so cute and pretty! It had benches and flowers and I yanked the door to see if i could get in...but to no avail!

There was a board saying that if we climb over the paint will go on our clothes and we get caught...well something like that...ahhh it reminded me of the 'Secret Garden'!

I think I'm going to plan some daily walks in the park now and pluck up the courage to sit there alone and contemplate, meditate, reflect, ponder etc etc - if it wasn't for the weirdos - and see if I can get into that secret garden....

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