Monday, 24 January 2011

To Question or not to Question?

...Which one peeps?

To Question or not to question?

'What?', I hear you all say, from around the Globe.

Today's post is about 'questioning' - but who exactly, you are all wondering, and questioning about what.

This post is about personal development, so do read on :)

We think that sometimes little children are so cute when they question us about everything, then we eventually feel frustrated about all their questioning and wish they would stop and let us get along with our 'busy and important' lives. But we forget that as children we did exactly just that, question, and we did it why? (Oh yes, the 'why' question) because we were exercising our minds (like we do physical exercise for our bodies) and by doing this we were getting all the answers to all our questions.

OK, so kids basically get an answer from us adults, but its still a form of exercise for their brain.

Now, lets get back to us adults - as this personal development is for us all.

Ever had a problem and you almost pulled your hair out? But you still didn't get a solution?

The simplest way to deal with any problems or issues we have are to question our brains - for a solution.

So we don't say, 'such and such happened or I've no hope left', but you ask your brain, 'this project failed at this point now what can i do to make a change and make it successful' - our brain is a muscle and when you pose it a question it will suddenly get to work and start digging for answers. Be conscious and aware of the self as you get the answers and solutions. Also out brain keeps working through the night so you may wake up with a solution (keep a pen and paper handy).

A point to note here is that the whole questioning method can also be used negatively - so please watch your thoughts as they become actions and negative thoughts will create negative actions!

If you ask, 'why doesn't anyone love me or why doesn't anyone want to marry me?' - then off goes your brain, searching and digging for an answer - and it will give you an answer - and obviously the one that you didn't want it to tell you!

So there you go - simple - on this blessed Monday (or Tuesday or Sunday - depending what time you read this) - question yourself (brain) into a solution to your problems.

It's a tried and tested method - not only by myself but many renowned self-help gurus out there in the world - so go ahead and try it :)

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