Monday, 18 April 2011

A Quick Update - We Be Inspired

Peace - beautiful peeps!

Hope you've had a fantastic productive week and a have truly blessed one ahead! :)

Just a quick update - you all know that 'We Be Inspired' Launched on 28th March (2011).

Well, I'm just updating the website and popping some more info for you on there. It is a temp website, but gives you a taste of what is coming in the days ahead.

Full mentoring services will be available from June onwards - and the blogs post (and blog vids) will start going up soon. Email address is also on the website - so you can email me for more info.

Make lots of dua as I'm totally maxed out with studies til end of May (2011) - but I'm still aiming to get the full website up in the next couple of weeks insha'Allah.

I'm really looking forward to inspiring and motivating you all - to help you find your unique purpose in life and helping your soul back on to the natural disposition - helping it find ease, peace and contentment - as it truly should be!

You will join me on this journey, right? :)

We Be Inspired - One Life, One Chance, One Vision!

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