Monday, 4 April 2011


Hey All - Peace,

You cool? Good! If not then drop me an email on and let me know wazup and let me help you out (if I can that is and if you want me to help you out that is - no pressure!) =)

If you're thinking about making a website for work, biz or personal use and can't afford it as of yet then I'm sure you would be aware of 'Word Press'.

However one of the top personal development gurus has recommended another website in his ebook, 'Weebly' and I've checked it out and I like it so I'm going to use it for my websites (build a website yourself - easy drop/drag system thing).

It's or (either one will get you to their site!)

If you're already using it then please give us all your feedback - as I've done my initial research and I'm going for it and your feedback will be great help!

Hope that helped peeps and have a fantastic productive and blessed week ahead! And keep me in your prayers =)

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