Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Are YOU Shariah Compliant?

...If there is now going to be two separate types of law in Britain - one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims, then its time for Muslims to really buckle up and realise their end goal. The glitz and glam are temporary whilst the gardens of paradise are forever. Man-made laws can easily be broken (as we have seen recently with the cases of Babar Ahmed, Talha Ahsan and Gary McKinnon) but laws ordained by God are to stay forever. They are justice for all. Time to become Shariah Compliant Muslims - in every aspect of our lives. We need to understand what it means to be Muslim. Yes, we are human and we will make mistakes. But Islam is perfect. As they say; 'If not now then when? If not You then who?'

Allah does not change the condition of a people until they don't change it themselves (with their souls) - {13:11}. We have to take the first step in making positive changes in our world - otherwise the rights of humans will be grossly abused and misused and we'll have no one except ourselves to blame. 

All humans have a right to a fair trial and there is no room for racism, discrimination or favouritism in our world in 2012.

Stand up for YOUR rights today - NOW because if one human is mistreated by those whom are appointed to protect rights then we're all being mistreated. If one person is unlawfully incarcerated then we're all wrongfully incarcerated. If one human is free and treated fairly then we're all free!

Let's stop hiding in our houses and let's become more proactive. 

This begins with freeing our own homes of injustice and wrong actions. We're not random specs of dust floating in this planet. We're human beings with God given rights which we need to uphold and protect insha'Allah.

Its time we truly became 'Shariah Compliant Muslims' and live by the laws of Allah!

The question is; 'Are YOU ready to become Shariah Compliant?'

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