Monday, 1 October 2012

GUILTY! Until Proven Innocent!

...If we can't trust our own country, the officials and authorities who are appointed for our care, safety and well being then what of that country and its laws?

But the law of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth - the entire Universe is Greater than any law.

He created man from a mixed fluid - lowest of low and gave him honour. And now man thinks he's greater than his Creator? Man challenges the One who created him?

Allah's true servants have and always will be tested and the most tested were the Prophets. Who are we next to the chosen ones? Nothing! But Allah's true ones will be tested.

Proof - there is life to come - which is better than the life on earth because earth is also a creation of our Creator.

Never despair in the mercy of the Creator of the Universe as only He holds the keys to infinite wisdom.

Let us work harder - day and night - me and you. Let us work harder for the life to come insha'Allah...

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